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US House anti-China resolution criticized
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The Foreign Affairs Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC) on Saturday strongly criticized a resolution on Tibet adopted by the US House of Representatives.

A senior official of the committee called the resolution rude interference into China's domestic affairs. It urged the some members of the US House to respect the truth about the Tibet riots and not to mask or inflate the violent crimes by the Dalai clique as such a cover up was a violation of human rights and the rule of law.

A release by the NPC's Foreign Affairs Committee in the name of a senior official in charge of the committee, said China was strongly indignant and firmly opposed to the resolution passed on April 9 by the US House. It turned a blind eye on the truth and facts, turned a deaf ear to China's strong opposition and solemn representations, and didn't consider the overall China-US relation.

"We do advise certain members of the US House of Representatives to respect truth, renounce political bias and double standards, respect norms on international relations, stop wrong words and actions interfering into China's internal affairs, hurting the emotions of the Chinese people, and undermining the China-US relations," said the release.

"Your (certain House members) blind cover up and encouragement of the Dalai clique can only make the Chinese people and the world people see more clearly of the true face of the Dalai clique and your true purpose."

The Chinese people have a firm and unmovable resolve to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintain social stability and ethnic unity in Tibet, and will never yield to any external pressure, the release stressed.

It said the resolution, proposed by the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had waged groundless accusation on the legal handling by the local government of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China of the severe violent crimes that happened in Lhasa, rudely interfered into China's internal affairs and harshly hurt the emotions of the Chinese people.

"We express great indignation and firm opposition to this," said the release.

It added the violent riots in Lhasa, Tibet, were organized, premeditated and deliberately masterminded and instigated by the Dalai clique. They were severe violent crimes colluded by secessionist forces seeking "Tibet independence" both in and out of China with the purpose to instigate riots, separate Tibet from China, destroy the normal and harmonious living of the people in Tibet and tarnish the Beijing Olympic Games.

The incidents are definitely not "peaceful demonstrations" or "conscious actions" of the people in Tibet as claimed by the Dalai clique, and are irrelevant to the so-called issues on human rights, religious freedom or cultural protection, said the release. It added the facts, once again, proved the "non-violence" and "non-independence" drummed up for by the Dalai clique was sheer deceptive camouflage.

What makes China particularly indignant was that certain members in the US House confounded black and white. They didn't criticize the mob who committed the assaults, vandalism, looting and arson and the Dalai clique who were behind the scene masterminding and organizing the violent crimes. However, they turned their spearheads to the Chinese government and people, said the release, noting that "this is defying truth and justice, a tramp on human rights and the rule of law and a harsh hurt to the emotions and dignity of the Chinese people".

The release reiterated it was a fact acknowledged by all countries in the world that Tibet is an inseparable part of Chinese territory; the Tibet affairs are sheer internal affairs of China,

The Dalai Lama had never really given up his hope of "Tibet independence" and had always been involved in anti-China political activities aimed at splitting the country and undermining national unity under the camouflage of religion, said the release.

It noted the Dalai clique falsely sought dialogue with the Chinese central government, truly confronting the government, falsely bragging for peace, but truly instigating violence.

(Xinhua News Agency April 13, 2008)

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