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Be prepared for a flood
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  • Keep a list of useful numbers to hand: for example your local council, the emergency services, your insurance company and Floodline.
  • Have a few sandbags or floorboards prepared to block doorways and airbricks.
  • Make up a flood kit, including a torch, blankets, waterproof clothing, wellingtons, a portable radio, first aid kit, rubber gloves and key personal documents. Keep it upstairs, if possible.
  • Talk about possible flooding with your family or those you live with. Consider writing a flood plan, and store these notes with your flood kit.
  • Make sure you know where to turn off your gas and electricity. If you抮e not sure, ask the person who checks your meter when they next visit. Mark the tap or switch with a sticker to help you remember.
  • What about your pets? Where will you move them to if a flood is on the way?
  • Think about your car. Where could you move it to in the event of a flood warning?
  • Get into the habit of storing valuable or sentimental personal belongings upstairs or in a high place downstairs.
  • Think about medication. In the event of a flood, you will still need to take it.
  • Contact your insurance company to check you have adequate flood cover.
  • Do know how to contact each other. Your family could be anywhere when a flood happens.
  • Do find out where your family would be evacuated to. Make sure you all know where that is. Floods may force you to leave your home.
  • Do put the emergency numbers in a safe place. Prepare a flood kit which can be kept in a safe place.
  • Do know where to turn off your power supplies. Do you have a torch handy in case it's dark?
  • Do make sure you understand what the flood warning service for your area is.
  • Do find out whether your area has flooded before. Look in the library or ask neighbors what happened and how they coped.
  • Do tell a friend or neighbor about your plan. You may need their help if there's a flood, or they may need yours.
  • Do read through the Agency fact sheet Are you prepared for a flood?
  • Do think if there is someone who will need your help.
  • Don't wait for a flood to find out whether your plan works. Try it now.
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