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Torrential rain kills 2, affects over 1 mln in Hubei
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7月24日,一辆道路清障车在襄樊积水的道路上行驶。从7月22日凌晨起,湖北襄樊全市遭受特大暴雨袭击。截至24日18时,全市有81个乡镇108万多人受灾,转移安置受灾群众8万多人。目前,部分乡镇仍未恢复通讯,灾情在进一步扩大。 新华社记者 余国庆 摄

7月24日,一位襄樊市民在公路上撒网。从7月22日凌晨起,湖北襄樊全市遭受特大暴雨袭击。截至24日18时,全市有81个乡镇108万多人受灾,转移安置受灾群众8万多人。目前,部分乡镇仍未恢复通讯,灾情在进一步扩大。 新华社记者 余国庆 摄

The torrential rain blasting Xiangfan City in central China's Hubei Province since early Tuesday had left two dead and affected 1.08 million others by Thursday afternoon.

The rain also forced an evacuation of 84,312 people and caused an economic loss of more than 900 million yuan (132 million US dollars), Li Yuehua, Xingfan vice mayor, said on Thursday.

"The rainfall from 2 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday reached 293.9 millimeters, usually the amount of four months. It is the worst since 1959," Li said.

In the main street downtown, the water measured more than a meter deep on Tuesday afternoon.

The rain also forced 80 percent of the city's enterprises to suspend operation. Crops were destroyed on more than 16,000 hectares and six highways were disrupted.

The city government allocated 2 million yuan to ensure the normal lives of those evacuated.

湖北襄樊特大暴雨108万人受灾 7月24日,两位襄樊市民站在漫滩的汉江边。从7月22日凌晨起,湖北襄樊全市遭受特大暴雨袭击。截至24日18时,全市有81个乡镇108万多人受灾,转移安置受灾群众8万多人。目前,部分乡镇仍未恢复通讯,灾情在进一步扩大。 新华社记者 余国庆 摄

7月24日,几位襄樊市民乘自制的木筏涉水前行。从7月22日凌晨起,湖北襄樊全市遭受特大暴雨袭击。截至24日18时,全市有81个乡镇108万多人受灾,转移安置受灾群众8万多人。目前,部分乡镇仍未恢复通讯,灾情在进一步扩大。 新华社记者 余国庆 摄

(Xinhua News Agency July 25, 2008)

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