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- China Charity Federation
- Chinese Red Cross Foundation
- Red Cross Society of China

Current Damage

Death Toll: 309; Missing: 73; Affected: 62.2 million

Affected Crops: 3.676 million hectares

Economic Losses: 49 billion yuan

Most seriously Affected: Guangxi, Guangdong ,Hunan, Jiangxi provinces

  Relief Efforts
- Mainland willing to send fresh vegetables to typhoon-hit Taiwan
- Three Gorges Reservoir starts flood-control effort
- HK emergency response system under review
- Troops urged to realize importance of flood prevention
- Emergency repair of Jingguang railway after downpour
- Soldiers, sandbags to fore in drenched south
- Reservoir opened to discharge floodwater
- More measures called to fight flooding
- 16 mln yuan allocated to flood-hit Guizhou Province
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