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A changing China through diplomats' eyes
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A group of diplomats working in the front line of the opening-up process over past 30 years were the personal witnesses of China's stepping into the world. Their experiences and opinions provide a unique perspective on events.

In the 30 years since its reform and opening-up China has seen great change. The Third Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held in 1978 was the beginning of a new era for China in opening up to the outside world. A group of diplomats working in the front line of the opening-up process were the personal witnesses and promoters of China's stepping into the world, and the world's acceptance, understanding, and admitting of China's place. Their experiences and opinions provide a unique perspective on events.

Shen Guofang experiences development of Sino-US ties

Shen Guofang, now chief editor of the World Affairs Press, has followed the development of Sino-US relations and he was also one of the decision-makers on diplomatic policies towards the United States. Shen believes that Sino-US ties have passed through four stages of development since 1978: (Full story)

Cai Fangbo: Witness to the developing Sino-French relations

Looking back on the Sino-France relationship, Cai Fangbo describes "the joint statement of the comprehensive partnership between China and France" in May 1997, as bringing Sino-French bilateral relations to a new stage of development, and also having a major impact on the international community.

France took the lead in developing relations with China, says Cai. "However, during the process of drafting a joint statement and preparing for President Jacques Chirac's visit to China, we encountered many problems, and some appeared insurmountable…" (Full story)

All change as China catches up with Japan

During the 22 years I worked in Japan, I felt that I loved my homeland more when I was far from home. I have watched our country achieve tremendous economic growth in recent years.

I had worked as a correspondent in Japan since 1969, a time when China had not yet established diplomatic relations with Japan, and China was still mired in the chaos of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) that brought the national economy to the brink of collapse…(Full story)

On banks of Euphrates, China wins markets and hearts

I want to talk about two things; one is how difficult it has been for Chinese companies to penetrate overseas markets in Asia during the past three decades, and the other is the challenge that the task poses for an embassy… (Full story)

Experiencing the transformation of China's economy

Over the past three decades, China's impact on international issues has grown considerably with its development. I am very proud of this change. I want to give you my own personal experience through three stories that explain how foreigners have changed their perceptions of China.

During a business trip in the mid-1970s, I toured Germany's former capital Bonn. A supermarket was a novelty for me back then, because there were none in China. Once when we went into a store, an assistant led us through to the back where clothes were piled up for sale at reduced prices… (Full story)

A path for developing nations

Over the past few years, the complexity of the international situation has been coupled with three powerful factors that mark profound changes in international affairs.

Firstly, to a great extent the emergence of developing countries has turned the wheel of history. Their resurgence has changed the world's political map as a new force, making it hard for America to maintain hegemony. (Full story)

(China.org.cn December 10, 2008)

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