SCIO briefing on the joint response to the new coronavirus-related pneumonia outbreak

A press conference was held Sunday afternoon to explain the work being carried out to jointly prevent and control the new coronavirus-related pneumonia outbreak. January 27, 2020


Would you please tell us why Wuhan started to implement lockdown procedures when the number of confirmed cases of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus had barely passed 300? Did the authority conceal the true figures regarding both confirmed and suspected cases? What is the exact number of people in Wuhan infected by the virus? Thank you.

Li Bin:

The exact number of people in Wuhan who have been infected by the disease can be found on the official website of the National Health Commission. Nevertheless, I would like to share the data again with you. As of 24:00 on Jan. 25, based on the report from the Hubei Health Commission to us, the confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, had increased to 618, with 40 being discharged from hospitals, 533 remaining in hospitals and 45 dead. For those in hospitals, 140 of them are in a critical condition. Meanwhile, 112 people in the city are suspected of being infected.

The city's headquarters for the control and treatment of the pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus announced on Jan. 23 that the city temporarily stop the operations of buses, subways, ferries and long-distance coaches. Since then, local people have not been allowed to leave the city unless they can offer a quite important reason. Meanwhile, flights and trains for outgoing passengers have been suspended, and many expressway entrances have been closed. Those measures are necessary to prevent and control the virus from spreading further, and will play a part in constraining the rampant outbreak of the epidemic both in Wuhan and the rest parts of the country. Thank you.

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