SCIO briefing on the provision of key medical supplies and daily necessities for epidemic prevention and control

A press conference was held on Monday morning to give details on the provision of key medical supplies and daily necessities for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak. February 4, 2020

The Paper:

Just now a reporter raised the issue of the supply of medical products in Hubei, my question relates to the supply of these products across the whole country. Sources confirmed that there is a shortage of supply in other provinces. What about the supplies of emergency medical supplies such as one-piece protective suits, isolation gowns, N95 masks, medical surgical masks, goggles and protective masks across China? In addition, how long after mobilizing medical enterprises to resume full production during the Spring Festival holidays will it take to cover the shortfall of medical products in Hubei and across the country?

Tian Yulong:

Your questions are related to the partial and overall solution. If you look at the big picture, the restoration of production is rapid which ensures that Hubei reaches a "tight balance," This "tight balance" refers to a compromise between the supply of necessary goods and materials to Hubei and Wuhan, which is our key priority, and meeting the demands of other key epidemic-stricken cities as well as the overall national planning. So far, the situation looks optimistic. The resumed production ratio of urgently needed materials is between 60-70%, and the production capacity has moved from a state of emergency to that of a "tight balance." I believe that given our national mobilization and the continuous recovery of the industrial system, we will reach a more stable balance. 

From the perspective of production capacity, priority is given to enterprises which produce protective suits, masks, goggles, temperature measurement equipment, hospital beds and ambulances. We have also promised these enterprises that we will set up a interim collection and storage system with the National Development and Reform Commission. Just now, Mr Lian also said that loans with discounted interest will be guaranteed to encourage enterprises to restore and increase production. Since yesterday, we have reached a consensus with the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance to pass this preferential policy for enterprises as soon as possible so as to speed up the restoration and expansion of production. On the whole, we are confident. Our industrial enterprises have exhibited a strong sense of social responsibility. Many people have given up their holidays, worked overtime and some even worked through three straight shifts.  

I believe that with the mobilization of the whole society; various enterprises, especially medical supply enterprises, have entered a state of rapid production. We are ensuring that key supplies reach Wuhan and Hubei, and are proceeding from a state of "tight balance" to "stable balance." Thank you.

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