Press conference on strengthening science-based epidemic prevention and control, orderly resumption of work and production

A press conference was held Tuesday morning to explain issues on strengthening science-based prevention and control of the COVID-19 (also known as novel coronavirus pneumonia) and orderly resumption of work and production. February 12, 2020

Southern Metropolis Daily:

At present, enterprises are gradually resuming business, but many workers are still worried about the epidemic and dare not go out and return to work. At the same time, they are also afraid that they will have no income if without work. How will we guide workers to return to work in an orderly way? Thank you.

Zhang Ying:

Thank you for your question. The prevention and control of the epidemic is closely linked to the safety of people's lives. At the same time, the resumption of work and production is also important to guarantee success in our battle against this epidemic. The central government requires that as we continue our efforts in the scientific prevention and control of the outbreak, there must also be an orderly promotion of normal production. In the early stage, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security made arrangements for employment during the epidemic prevention and control, and strengthened services to help migrant workers return to work. The ministry also issued two letters showing concern for the orderly resumption of work and calling for efforts to strengthen epidemic prevention and control. Some areas also opened green channels to help people return to work more easily, and even offered door-to-door transport services. In the next step, we will also cooperate with relevant departments and local governments to properly handle the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work, guiding workers to return to their workplaces safely.

First is to openly disseminate information on the resumption of work. In accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work and the classification and resumption of production in batches, we will pay close attention to the different times when various enterprises and engineering projects resume work, and promptly release them on the official websites, micro-blogs and WeChat accounts of local human resources and social security departments. At the same time, we will strengthen the information exchange between those areas where migrant workers travel to and from. We will also rely on public employment and talent service agencies as well as migrant worker service stations to promote information on the resumption of work to job hunters in target areas.

Second, we will strengthen recruitment services. During this epidemic prevention and control period, we will move all recruitment activities from physical venues to the online space. Employment and recruitment services will not be disrupted in this special period. We will make every effort to ensure that there is sufficient labor in the industries critical to the prevention and control of the epidemic, like medical supplies, and that concern the country's stability and people's livelihoods. To meet the labor demands of enterprises in these industries during this special period, we will designate personnel to liaise with them, and given priority to the release of their employment information. We will help them hire hands locally first and if local supply is not sufficient, then elsewhere. Recruitment services will be highly targeted. In cases where enterprises recruit a large number of workers elsewhere, we will work with public transport authorities to make plans to transport labor directly to destinations in need of them.

Third, we'll try our best to guide the public to return to work by following prevention and control measures. We have launched online columns to facilitate the resumption of work. They are updated with relevant employment information for returning workers as well as prevention guidelines and local measures regarding employment services. Available on,, and the official website and social media account of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, these online columns also have cyber-links to provincial-level institutes providing public employment and human resources services. We will also work with concerned authorities to guide enterprises to ensure proper sanitation and temperature tests, improve the working and living conditions of employees and help them return to work safely.

Zhang Ying:

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind employers to determine their production resumption dates and inform their employees in a timely manner.We also kindly advise employees who are preparing to return to work to contact their employers first and learn about local prevention instructions and an exact timetable of when work will resume. We also advise employees to choose the appropriate mode of transport to prevent possible infection. In addition, we suggest that job seekers not go out until they have succeeded in securing a job online. So far, the huge demand for human resources in several industries, such as the production of food, medicine and protective suits as well as water and electricity suppliers, should draw your attention. We hope that, through our joint efforts, everyone can return to work in a smooth and safe way. Thank you.

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