Love amid the battle against COVID-19

Many heartwarming love stories have emerged during the fight against COVID-19, helping to raise people's spirits amid the deadly outbreak. February 14, 2020
By Zhang Liying

2020 is a year of love for Chinese, as the numbers "2-0-2-0" sound similar to the words "love you, love you." Although the novel coronavirus has disrupted the lives of everyone in the country, love continues to prove a source of great strength in the fight against the outbreak. Here are just a few of these heartwarming stories.


Tu Shengjin (R), a doctor at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, holds hand with his wife Cao Shan, a nurse at the hospital, on Feb. 2, 2020. [Photo/]

Tu Shengjin is a doctor at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, one of the main hospitals for the treatment of pneumonia in the epicenter city. His wife, Cao Shan, also works at the hospital as a nurse.

Since the outbreak of the infectious disease, the couple have been working around the clock treating and caring for patients. Were it not for an interview earlier this month, it would be rare for them to have chance to meet for a good conversation, even though they work in the same building.


Tu Shengjin (L), a doctor at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, and his wife Cao Shan, a nurse at the hospital, during an interview on Feb. 2, 2020. [Photo/]

Speaking of his wife's job, Tu emotionally explained, "The role of a doctor is generally considered to be more important than that of a nurse. But in fact, nurses have really heavy workloads. In the isolation wards, they not only offer medical care but also have to attend to the basic needs of the patients, such as changing bedpans for some bedridden elderly patients."

In the eyes of Cao, her husband is an interesting and humorous man, albeit not very romantic. During their 14 years of marriage, she has received only one bouquet of roses from him. "I understand him. He's dedicated to his work," Cao explained. "He rarely says sweet things, but I know he loves me through his actions."

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