Press conference on epidemic prevention and control updates, protection and caring for medical staff

A press conference was held Friday afternoon to introduce the latest situation on the prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially measures to improve protection and caring for medical staff. February 15, 2020

Economic Daily:

Mr. Zeng just mentioned that many medical personnel working on the frontline have been infected by the virus. Is there any compensation for them? When the outbreak of this epidemic is over, will you commend and reward all the medical staff who served on the frontline during this special period? Thank you.

Zeng Yixin:

Thanks for your concern. Our medical staff have been fighting day and night on the frontline for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and, indeed, some of them have been infected, and some even sacrificed their lives. Their work embodies their lofty spirit of healing those infected and rescuing the dying with selfless dedication, great respect for life, and boundless love. In order to protect their rights and interests, we have rolled out a series of policies, which cover the following aspects:

First, during the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic, all the doctors, nurses and relevant medical staff, who are infected with or even die from the virus while performing their duties, can be identified as being victims of a work-related injury, and obtain compensation through employment injury insurance in accordance with the law.

Second, there are temporary work subsidies being provided to the anti-epidemic medical staff and workers.

The third step is to raise the standard of allowances for sanitation and epidemic prevention, and introduce related policies.

The fourth step is to increase one-time performance-based pay that is not included in the basic remuneration structure to those medical and health institutions engaged in tough work and facing high risk, and allocate more to the frontline personnel who have worked overtime and made outstanding contributions.

Just now, officials of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Ministry of Finance have provided information on work in this aspect. Here, on behalf of the National Health Commission and the medical and health care workers, I want to express my deep gratitude to the relevant ministries and commissions for their great support to us.

Zhang Yiquan:

Just as the reporter has said, during the fight against this epidemic, all the medical staff rush to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, disregarding their personal safety. Many of their deeds are deeply touching. Mr. Zeng Yixin just talked about the related welfare and compensation policy, which involves award and recognition. To implement the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to care for medical staff so that they can work harder and better on the frontline, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a timely circular after the outbreak to clarify relevant policies and measures, and timely awarded the deserving medical personnel on the frontline. We have already made arrangements for this. At present, all regions and departments are carrying out this work according to the requirements of the circular. Our ministry is also actively instructing the human resources and social security departments at all levels to discover role models, as well as recording their meritorious deeds, and then we can intensify publicity for them. For those individuals and groups who make outstanding contributions to the aspects of medical aid, vaccine research and development, and basic epidemic prevention, especially the extensive medical workers and teams, they will be recognized and awarded according to relevant regulations. In this regard, in accordance with the relevant national regulations, they could be given various levels of awards, merit recognitions, or titles.

Next, we will guide the relevant regions and departments to do this work according to the state of the epidemic situation. At present, some regions such as Chongqing, Gansu and Shanxi have formulated award and recognition plans, and some other places are now starting to implement this work. We can say, this has played a role in inspiring morale, strengthening confidence, uniting powers, and leading and motivating the people.

We will continue to guide local governments and various departments to enhance overall coordination, promptly recognize and reward the excellent groups and individuals on the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, and make overall arrangements for the award and recognition works in the entire epidemic prevention and control process, including follow-up awards and recognitions, in order to set role models and typical examples, and achieve cohesiveness of strong impetus to fight the epidemic. Thank you.

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