Press conference on the financial system's full support for epidemic control and production resumption

A press conference was held Saturday morning to explain the measures being taken by China's financial system to fully support control work for the COVID-19 (also known as novel coronavirus pneumonia) epidemic and production resumption. February 17, 2020


Recent media reports showed that the outbreak has affected mergers and acquisitions as well as IPOs, where there has been a sharp drop in volume. Did the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) evaluate the impact of the epidemic on M&As and IPOs? What measures will the CSRC adopt to properly deal with the situation in the future? Thank you.

Yan Qingmin:

After the outbreak, due to the difficulty of on-site due diligence, auditing and evaluation, some stock issuances and M&As have indeed been affected to some extent. Recently, we have made targeted arrangements in particular, such as extending the time limits for feedback from issuers and for M&A businesses. In terms of auditing, we are making efforts on the "three normals": the normal issuance of initial approval documents, normal promotion of auditing progress, and normal licensing and acceptance of M&As and restructuring. Thank you. 

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