SCIO press briefing on centrally administered state-owned enterprises' support for epidemic prevention and control

A press conference was held Tuesday morning to shine light on measures taken by centrally administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to support the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

China SCIO February 20, 2020

Third, we are supporting epidemic control through expanding and switching production to medical supplies. Although they were not originally involved in production of medical materials such as protective clothing and masks, centrally administered SOEs have overcome extreme difficulties to switch operations to manufacturing medical supplies and accelerate production like in wartime. Currently, Xinxing Cathay International Group produces 45,000 medical protective suits a day, and Sinomach, China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) and China North Industries Corporation Ltd. (NORINCO Group) are together producing 1.3 million masks daily. Centrally administered SOEs have also stepped up R&D of key equipment that is urgently needed such as mask machines and plodders, which will begin mass production soon. While accelerating production of medical supplies, they have also strengthened the development of relevant medicine. China National Biotec Group (CNBG), a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm), was first to successfully develop a nucleic acid test kit for the novel coronavirus. Now it can produce 200,000 such test kits a day. CNBG also proposed developing convalescent plasma to treat infected patients.

Fourth, we are supporting epidemic control by harnessing new technologies. Centrally administered SOEs are leveraging their advantages in science and technology and using new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and cloud computing to support epidemic prevention and control. Manufacturing enterprises have provided equipment like infrared temperature measuring instruments, mobile CT scanners, close contact detectors and medical robots for quick diagnosis and telemedicine. Construction enterprises have provided new materials for air filtration to key projects. Nuclear enterprises have provided protective gowns and mass radappertization service. Electronic and telecommunications enterprises are providing cloud classes, cloud training and cloud meeting systems to help people better study and work online.

Fifth, we are supporting epidemic control through making every effort to resume production. Curbing the COVID-19 outbreak is not only a fight against the virus but also a battle to defend the economy. On the premise of coordinating and guiding centrally administered SOEs in epidemic prevention and control, SASAC encourages them to resume work in a staggered fashion and in a safe, orderly manner as part of an effort to return to normal, steady development as soon as possible.

Moreover, centrally administered SOEs have donated a total of more than 2.5 billion yuan (about US$357 million) for epidemic prevention and control as well as large amounts of protective supplies like protective clothes, N95 respirators and disinfectants as well as daily necessities. They have also purchased a large amount of urgently needed medical supplies from overseas to support the fight against the epidemic.

Next, SASAC and centrally administered SOEs will firmly implement important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping to promote all work related to epidemic prevention and control. We will remain true to our original aspirations in the fight against the outbreak and pass the "tough test" by making all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and maintain steady production and operation. Centrally administered SOEs will endeavor to win the people’s war against COVID-19 across the board, making greater contributions to epidemic prevention and control.

My colleagues and I are now ready to answer any of your questions.

Hu Kaihong:

Thank you, Mr. Ren! Next, we will open the floor for questions. Please identify your news outlet before asking questions.

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