SCIO briefing on securing market order to support work and production resumption

A press conference was held Tuesday morning to shine light on measures taken by State Administration for Market Regulation, National Medical Products Administration and China National Intellectual Property Administration to support work and production resumption.

China SCIO February 27, 2020

Hu Kaihong:

Thank you, Mr. Tang. The floor is now open for questions. Please let us know your outlet when asking.


I have a question for Mr. Tang Jun. You just outlined ten major measures to help enterprises resume production. Do you know of any targeted measures the administration has carried out to solve specific problems enterprises are now encountering? Thank you.

Tang Jun:

Thank you. This is a very good question. It is universally acknowledged that enterprises are facing many difficulties. Our support for the resumption of enterprise operation almost all qualifies as targeted measures tailored to meet the most urgent needs.

First, we have widely encouraged "face-away-from-face" business processing to reduce personnel movement during the period of epidemic prevention and control. In recent years, market supervising authorities have gradually implementing a complete procedure for online business processing. During this period, we have strengthened existing measures and applied them in more regions. We have implemented online processing for the registration of enterprises, issuance of food production license and qualification for inspection and testing institutions.

Second, realizing that administrative licensing and compulsory certification were affecting resumption of operations, we introduced a notification-promise mechanism. Enterprises that have shifted to production of materials related to epidemic prevention and control still need licenses. Generally, it takes some time to file all the necessary paperwork. But now we will approve the production license immediately if the enterprise is well-equipped for production and pledges to produce the required files within a certain period. We have also adopted a special approach for food producers. While maintaining standards to ensure food quality and safety, a few food companies, especially companies with low risk, will get certificates issued before inspection. Other companies already have production licenses that are set to expire. Usually they last five years before you must apply for an extension. We have postponed the extension procedure. These are specific measures targeting difficulties now facing enterprises.

Third, we accelerated the conversion between international and domestic standards to help many export-oriented enterprises resume production faster. Many China's manufacturers export to the international market. Their products produced according to international or foreign standards cannot be sold in China according to existing regulations. So, we streamlined the shift between international standards and domestic standards, tapped their production potential, and supported resumption of foreign trade enterprises.

Fourth, prudent management of a list of enterprises engaging in irregular operations will help repair corporate credit. Some enterprises from across the country are on the anomalous directory. Getting on this list means restrictions for them in realms of governmental procurement, bidding and financing. We have announced that if they correct the thing that got them there, we will conduct credit repair so they can easily go back to normal production.

We have also proposed a series of measures in other aspects in terms of measurement standards, certification and accreditation, inspections and testing. These came about due to specific urgent requests from enterprises, for which we have been consistently proposing solutions like the ones I mentioned. Thank you.

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