SCIO briefing on the progress of COVID-19 control and medical treatment

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on Friday afternoon in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei province, to brief the media on the progress of COVID-19 control and medical treatment. March 9, 2020

Hubei TV:

Could you please illustrate to the general public how TCM is used to treat COVID-19? What kind of distinctive advantages does it have? Thank you.

Xi Yanchun:

Let's give the floor to Secretary Yu Yanhong.

Yu Yanhong:

This is a good question. I have mentioned the difference between TCM and Western medicine while answering an earlier question. When TCM is used in contagion prevention and treatment, it focuses on enhancing the body's immunity and repair capacity, and maintaining a general balance. Therefore, it has its own advantages and can offer a different strategy when dealing with contagious diseases that have unknown causes and where vaccines and effective medicines are absent.

Through symptoms and clinical analysis, TCM can offer a treatment plan and put it into immediate use after the outbreak of the epidemic, so it has certain advantages of quick response and speedy action. During the epidemic this time, the early application of TMC and its instant efficacy on symptomatic improvement enhanced the confidence of patients to combat the disease.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, TCM experts have absorbed essence from ancient classic prescriptions, combined it with clinical diagnosis experience, and put forward a comprehensive TCM plan in a rapid way, and this has undergone constant improvement during daily clinical treatment. According to the plan, we stick to its early application, total involvement, targeted treatment and deep engagement in the whole process including prevention, treatment and recovery.

As for patients with mild and ordinary symptoms, we used TCM immediately; in regard to severely and critically-ill patients, TCM and Western medicine experts conducted joint consultation, applied both kinds of medicine giving full play to their synergistic effects; as for patients in the recovery phase, we applied TCM, acupuncture and massage to facilitate their recovery.

Practice shows that TCM has efficacy on COVID-19 pneumonia treatment. In the newly released seventh edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan, there is much TCM content, including general prescriptions, formulas for different symptoms and syndromes, and ready-made TCM list. It showcases the integration of the diagnosis of syndromes and diseases, theory and clinical practice, guidance and standard, and also that of inheritance and innovation. We are willing to let more people know about TCM and share the experience with the international community.

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