SCIO briefing on contributions of female workers on the frontline of epidemic control

The State Council Information Office held a press conference in Wuhan on Sunday to brief on contributions of female workers on the frontline of epidemic control. March 11, 2020

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My question goes to Ms. Li. Since the outbreak, women's federations have taken an active part in epidemic control. Could you please elaborate on the roles they have played? You have been working on the frontline, and please share with us some of your observations. Thank you.

Li Shuyong: 

Thank you for your question. I was deeply impressed by many things I witnessed. First, women's federations have played an important role as a bridge and channel of communication. It is our mission to unite all members to respond to the CPC's call. Since the outbreak, the All-China Women's Federation has called on the China Women's Development Foundation and women's federations at all levels to make cash and in-kind donations to Hubei Province, which amounted to 200 million yuan. Making the most of its extensive contacts, the Hubei Provincial Women's Federation helped send these donations to hospitals to address the special needs of women medical workers in a timely manner. When we learned that pregnant women and women in labor were facing difficulties, we issued the No.37 document concerning this matter with the support of provincial epidemic control authorities. We also launched the 12338 psychological consultation hotline, which offers around-the-clock services to the public. 

We have called on women to protect their family members and help their communities with epidemic control. This morning, we launched a livestream program on family education. Women's federations have worked efficiently and coherently to mobilize members to join the fight against the epidemic. This is indicative of the advantages of our system, which impressed me. 

Second, I have felt the power of women, who hold up half the sky. Our sisters have been working in all sectors since the beginning of the campaign against the epidemic. I saw their footprints in hospitals and communities. Thousands of women volunteers work in both urban and rural areas. They have written a splendid chapter in fighting the epidemic. From outstanding women scientists such as academicians Li Lanjuan, Chen Wei and Qiao Jie to speakers here today to heroes like Xia Sisi, who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, they have inspired me to forge ahead and live up to my responsibilities. 

Third, I have gained insight into the importance of the family in social governance. We saw a lot of families send sons, wives and sometimes both husbands and wives to the frontline. We also saw women contribute to their families and communities by raising awareness, overseeing the implementation of control measures and getting fully involved in the fight. Neighbors have watched out for and helped each other to tide over the current difficulties. This kind of familial warmth impressed me. A family is the basic unit of a country. A country consists of millions of families. It is a pressing task of women's federations around China to help give full play to the role of the family. Thank you.

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