SCIO briefing on the cooperation between China and the int'l community in fighting COVID-19

The State Council Information Office (SCIO) held a press conference Thursday morning in Beijing to introduce the cooperation between China and the international community in fighting COVID-19. March 28, 2020


What are China's expectations and propositions regarding the G20 Summit being held tonight to address the global coronavirus pandemic in particular?

Luo Zhaohui:

That is a very good question. The special G20 Summit for state leaders will draw immense attention from across the world. The outbreak of the pandemic has ravaged many regions around the globe, threatening people's lives and health and dealing a heavy blow to the global economy. The meeting is being held to meet the expectations of the international community as member countries are supposed to work in a concerted manner, making all-out efforts to fight the epidemic and avoid global economic volatility. Having played a decisive role in dealing with the 2008 global financial crisis, the G20, which is considered an important platform in promoting economic cooperation and addressing global crises, should ensure that it takes the lead in confronting the pandemic, especially when all member countries have fallen victim to the disease. This summit will be the first-ever G20 video conference, with parties involved taking the opportunity to deliberate about how to take joint action.

This will be the first major multilateral diplomatic conference that President Xi Jinping has taken part in since the outbreak of the epidemic. China has made notable progress in preventing and controlling the epidemic, and its support to other countries in their work fighting the epidemic has been lauded extensively. We expect and believe that a consensus regarding joint effort in fighting the pandemic and extensive cooperation in maintaining global economic stability can be reached at the summit, which is intended to signal stronger solidarity, deeper cooperation and closer coordination.

China is willing to work with the other G20 member countries to make concrete achievements as a result of the summit. Now, let's wait and see. Thank you.

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