SCIO briefing on the cooperation between China and the int'l community in fighting COVID-19

The State Council Information Office (SCIO) held a press conference Thursday morning in Beijing to introduce the cooperation between China and the international community in fighting COVID-19. March 28, 2020

Associated Press of Pakistan:

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Pakistan, China has provided help to its "iron brother" Pakistan to effectively fight against the epidemic. Can you provide us some details about the assistance from China to Pakistan? Thank you.

Deng Boqing:

Thank you to our friend from the Pakistani media. China and Pakistan have all along been true friends standing together in time of difficulty, as well as good brothers sharing weal and woe. Our special friendship is the choice of history and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. As China makes all-out efforts to fight against domestic epidemic, Pakistan has stood firmly by our side and pooled medical protection supplies drawn from all over the country to help China. Pakistani President Arif Alvi said during his recent visit to China that, "[It is] what friends do. Whatever we have, we give; we didn't worry about what will happen in the future. But because friends were suffering, we sent everything to China." These measures have deeply moved hundreds of millions of Chinese, forming a widely-told story speaking volumes about the strength of the iron-clad friendship between China and Pakistan.

As both countries are facing challenges posed by the pandemic at present, China stands ready to share its epidemic-control experience with and provide urgently-needed medical supplies to Pakistan to jointly address the emerging challenges. I just mentioned China's anti-virus external assistance. So far, we have provided medical supplies in four batches to Pakistan, including test reagents, medical protective suits, N95-rated medical masks, surgical masks and ventilators.

Next, we are preparing to provide more medical supplies and equipment that are scarce and urgently needed by Pakistan. In addition, China will help Pakistan build a temporary hospital with quarantine facilities. We believe that, although the pandemic shows no mercy, human beings will always share their affection towards each other. We also believe that all countries around the world, including China and Pakistan, will be able to win final victory over the COVID-19 pandemic through global cooperation. Thank you.

Zeng Yixin:

I would like to say a few more words about your question from the perspective of medical technology. China immediately shared with Pakistan its latest COVID-19 treatment guidelines and national diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as its knowledge base of the disease. Also, Chinese medical experts held video conferences with their Pakistani counterparts, sharing with them details of China's experience in containing, diagnosing, and treating the pandemic, as well as exchanging views with them on issues of their concern. What's more, at the request of Pakistan, China is now proactively preparing to send an expert group consisting of anti-epidemic and medical professionals to support the country's pandemic fight. Our expert group will visit various regions and conduct technical exchanges and experience sharing with our Pakistani brothers on site. Experts back in China will also undertake further discussions with their Pakistani counterparts and provide medical and technical support and help in containing the epidemic, on the basis of the information that is fed back by the on-site expert group. Thank you.

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