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Artists donate art to help quake victims
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More than 100 Chinese calligraphers and painters donated their art works in Beijing yesterday to help victims of the 8.0-magnitude earthquake, which hit southwest China’s Sichuan Province on May 12. Profits from the sales will go to the quake area victims.

The China Association of Social Workers and China Calligrapher and Painter’s Association sponsored the event.

Before the donation began, all the participants to this campaign observed three minutes silence to mourn earthquake dead.

Many master artists attending the event expressed their compassion toward the quake victims, and said that they were eager to help either by donating ready made works or creating improvisations.

Artists present at the event included Liao Jingwen, director of the China Calligrapher and Painter’s Association and widow of painter Xu Beihong, a modern Chinese master of fine art. Ms. Liao donated two pieces of her own calligraphy. She spoke words of encouragement intended to boost the morale of local people in Sichuan and also expressed her wish that the rest of the country would unite together to overcome this disaster.

Wang Qizhi (left) and Liao Jingwen (center)

Artist Liao Jingwen's donation pieces

Artist Wang Guoxin, member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, donoated his painting China Is Powerful to encourage Sichuan and the whole country to be strong in face of the catastrophe.

Artist Wang Guoxin (3rd left) donates his painting, China Is Powerful

Besides ready-made art, some artists including Wang Guoxin, member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Wang Qizhi, the painter of Chairman Mao's portrait above the Tiananmen gate, created improvisations during the event.

Wang Guoxin (right) is creating an improvisation

Artist Wang Guoxin (center) donates his calligraphy works

Painter Wang Qizhi is creating an improvisation

"We artists are part of a special community,” said Meng Yunfei. “But that doesn’t make us an exception, especially when it comes to extending our care and help to the needy people in Sichuan.” Meng, a doctor in calligraphy from the Academy of Arts and Designs at Tsinghua University and also an assistant professor with Henan University, donated a work of calligraphy that echoes the motto of Tsinghua University: “Self-discipline and Social Commitment”, in order to encourage people to be strong and strive unceasingly in adversity.

Meng Yunfei and his donation piece

"Actually this campaign was only one of many charity activities I have attended recently,” Meng said. “I have donated four pieces of my works altogether in addition to cash. I hope my efforts will help those in need.” Meng is just one of countless Chinese people and foreign friends that have extended their hands to the people in China’s quake-hit area.

Painter Wang Yi (2nd from left) and his donation, Unrestrained dragon in times of prosperity

Artist Wang Guoxin is creating a improvisation

(China.org.cn by staff reporter Guo Xiaohong, May 24, 2008)

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