White Paper: China's Military Strategy

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二、军队使命和战略任务II. Missions and Strategic Tasks of China's Armed Forces
中国的国家战略目标,就是实现在中国共产党成立一百年时全面建成小康社会、在新中国成立一百年时建成富强民主文明和谐的社会主义现代化国家的奋斗目标,就是实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦。中国梦是强国梦,对军队来说就是强军梦。强军才能卫国,强国必须强军。新的历史时期,中国军队以中国共产党在新形势下的强军目标为总纲,毫不动摇坚持党对军队绝对领导,始终把战斗力作为唯一的根本的标准,大力弘扬光荣传统和优良作风,建设一支听党指挥、能打胜仗、作风优良的人民军队。China's national strategic goal is to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2021 when the CPC celebrates its centenary; and the building of a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious by 2049 when the People's Republic of China (PRC) marks its centenary. It is a Chinese Dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Chinese Dream is to make the country strong. China's armed forces take their dream of making the military strong as part of the Chinese Dream. Without a strong military, a country can be neither safe nor strong. In the new historical period, aiming at the CPC's goal of building a strong military in the new situation, China's armed forces will unswervingly adhere to the principle of the CPC's absolute leadership, uphold combat effectiveness as the sole and fundamental standard, carry on their glorious traditions, and work to build themselves into a people's military that follows the CPC's commands, can fight and win, and boasts a fine style of work.
在新的时代条件下,中国国家安全内涵和外延比历史上任何时候都要丰富,时空领域比历史上任何时候都要宽广,内外因素比历史上任何时候都要复杂,必须坚持总体国家安全观,统筹内部安全和外部安全、国土安全和国民安全、传统安全和非传统安全、生存安全和发展安全、自身安全和共同安全。In the new circumstances, the national security issues facing China encompass far more subjects, extend over a greater range, and cover a longer time span than at any time in the country's history. Internally and externally, the factors at play are more complex than ever before. Therefore, it is necessary to uphold a holistic view of national security, balance internal and external security, homeland and citizen security, traditional and non-traditional security, subsistence and development security, and China's own security and the common security of the world.
实现国家战略目标,贯彻总体国家安全观,对创新发展军事战略、有效履行军队使命任务提出了新的需求。要适应维护国家安全和发展利益的新要求,更加注重运用军事力量和手段营造有利战略态势,为实现和平发展提供坚强有力的安全保障;适应国家安全形势发展的新要求,不断创新战略指导和作战思想,确保能打仗、打胜仗;适应世界新军事革命的新要求,高度关注应对新型安全领域挑战,努力掌握军事竞争战略主动权;适应国家战略利益发展的新要求,积极参与地区和国际安全合作,有效维护海外利益安全;适应国家全面深化改革的新要求,坚持走军民融合式发展道路,积极支援国家经济社会建设,坚决维护社会大局稳定,使军队始终成为党巩固执政地位的中坚力量和建设中国特色社会主义的可靠力量。To realize China's national strategic goal and implement the holistic view of national security, new requirements have been raised for innovative development of China's military strategy and the accomplishment of military missions and tasks. In response to the new requirement of safeguarding national security and development interests, China's armed forces will work harder to create a favorable strategic posture with more emphasis on the employment of military forces and means, and provide a solid security guarantee for the country's peaceful development. In response to the new requirement arising from the changing security situation, the armed forces will constantly innovate strategic guidance and operational thoughts so as to ensure the capabilities of fighting and winning. In response to the new requirement arising from the worldwide RMA, the armed forces will pay close attention to the challenges in new security domains, and work hard to seize the strategic initiative in military competition. In response to the new requirement coming from the country's growing strategic interests, the armed forces will actively participate in both regional and international security cooperation and effectively secure China's overseas interests. And in response to the new requirement arising from China's all-round and deepening reform, the armed forces will continue to follow the path of civil-military integration (CMI), actively participate in the country's economic and social construction, and firmly maintain social stability, so as to remain a staunch force for upholding the CPC's ruling position and a reliable force for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics.
中国军队有效履行新的历史时期军队使命,坚决维护中国共产党的领导和中国特色社会主义制度,坚决维护国家主权、安全、发展利益,坚决维护国家发展的重要战略机遇期,坚决维护地区与世界和平,为全面建成小康社会、实现中华民族伟大复兴提供坚强保障。China's armed forces will effectively perform their missions in the new historical period, resolutely uphold the leadership of the CPC and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, safeguard China's sovereignty, security and development interests, safeguard the important period of strategic opportunities for China's development, maintain regional and world peace, and strive to provide a strong guarantee for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

China's armed forces mainly shoulder the following strategic tasks:

To deal with a wide range of emergencies and military threats, and effectively safeguard the sovereignty and security of China's territorial land, air and sea;

-- To resolutely safeguard the unification of the motherland;

-- To safeguard China's security and interests in new domains;

-- To safeguard the security of China's overseas interests;

-- To maintain strategic deterrence and carry out nuclear counterattack;

-- To participate in regional and international security cooperation and maintain regional and world peace;

-- To strengthen efforts in operations against infiltration, separatism and terrorism so as to maintain China's political security and social stability; and

-- To perform such tasks as emergency rescue and disaster relief, rights and interests protection, guard duties, and support for national economic and social development.

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