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9月22日,国家主席习近平在西雅图出席主题为“清洁能源与经济发展”的第三届中美省州长论坛并发表讲话。[新华社 黄敬文 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping (4th L, rear) speaks during the Third China-U.S. Governors Forum in Seattle, the United States, Sept. 22, 2015. (Xinhua/Huang Jingwen)
国家主席习近平22日在西雅图出席第三届中美省州长论坛并发表讲话。讲话全文如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping made an address in Seattle on Tuesday at the China-U.S. Governors Forum. The following is the translated version of the full text of his address:


Address by H.E. Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic of China
At the China-U.S. Governors Forum

Seattle, 22 September 2015

Governor Jerry Brown of California,
Governor Jay Inslee of Washington,
Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa,
Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan,
Governor Kate Brown of Oregon,
Leaders of provinces and states,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
很高兴出席第三届中美省州长论坛。首先,我对论坛的成功举办,表示热烈的祝贺!对各位省州负责人长期以来为促进中美关系发展作出的积极努力,表示高度的赞赏!It gives me great pleasure to attend the third China-U.S. Governors' Forum. Let me first of all extend warm congratulations on the successful opening of the forum and express my deep appreciation to leaders of provinces and states for your hard work over the years to promote China-U.S. relations.
刚才,我认真听了你们的发言,大家讲得都很好。每次同中美地方负责人交流,我都很受启发。2012年,我访美时曾在洛杉矶出席中美省州长见面会。2013年,我在北京会见了参加第二届省州长论坛的双方代表。大家畅谈地方合作,为发展两国关系献计献策,我至今记忆犹新。Just now, I listened attentively to your remarks. You all made very good points. Every time I interact with local leaders of China and the United States, I get much food for thought. During my visit to the United States in 2012, I attended a meeting between Chinese and American governors in Los Angeles. In 2013, I met with delegates of the second Chinese-U.S. Governors' Forum in Beijing. I still remember our conversations on sub-national cooperation. And your ideas on how to grow the relations between the two countries were still fresh in my memory.

Having worked for many years in local governments myself, I fully understand how challenging it is to be local leaders, as the job carries immense responsibilities. I am also deeply aware of the importance of sub-national cooperation to the growth of overall relations between countries. State-to-state relations ultimately rely on the support of the people and serve the people. Provinces and states are closest to the people. Without successful cooperation at the sub-national level, it would be very difficult to achieve practical results for cooperation at the national level. That is why I place great importance on China-U.S. sub-national cooperation.

Over the past 30 plus years, the growth of our relations has been achieved with support of local governments and their people. Going forward, it will continue to draw strength from and deliver benefits to them.

我高兴地看到,近年来,中美地方交流合作呈现新的蓬勃发展态势。中国31个省区市同美国50个州建立了43对友好省州、200对友好城市。过去10年,美国42个州对华出口增幅达到3位数。据美方统计,中国过去5年对美投资年均超过80多亿美元,增速还在加快。今天来的美国5个州,中国都是你们位列前四位的出口市场和主要留学生来源国。与会的中国6个省市,有的以美国为第一大贸易伙伴,有的吸引数以千计的美国企业投资,有的一年对美国贸易额增幅就超过40%。这些交流合作造福了两国人民。The new momentum of dynamic growth of sub-national exchanges and cooperation between our two countries has been truly encouraging. Thirty-one Chinese provinces/regions/cities have established 43 sister province/state relations and 200 sister-city relations with 50 American states. Over the past 10 years, 42 American states have achieved triple-digit increases in their export to China. According to statistics of the American side, Chinese investment to the U.S. over the past five years has expanded by over eight billion dollars on average every year and the pace is still getting faster. For the five American states represented here, China is among your top four export markets and a major source of international students. Among the six Chinese provinces and cities around the table, some have the U.S. as their largest trading partner, some have attracted tens of hundreds of American businesses, and some registered a 40 percent increase in their trade with the U.S. in one single year. Exchanges and cooperations as such have truly benefited people of the two countries.
当前,中美关系总体保持稳定发展,各领域务实合作全面深化。我这次来,希望同奥巴马总统和美国社会各界深入交流,规划两国关系发展蓝图。从国际上看,经济全球化继续深入发展,产业升级酝酿新突破,各种生产要素在世界范围内加快流动。在上述背景下,两国地方交流合作有着更加广阔的天地。China-U.S. relations have, on the whole, maintained steady growth, with deepening practical cooperation in all areas. During the visit, I hope to have in-depth exchanges with President Obama and people of all sectors of American society and draw a blueprint for the future development of our relations. As economic globalization continues to deepen, new breakthroughs in industrial upgrading are in the making, and factors of production are flowing at a faster pace across borders. These have provided broader space for sub-national exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.
首先,双方要有效利用中美两国经济巨大体量带来的机遇。规模就是商机。中美坐拥世界前两大经济体地位,这本身就是省州开展合作的巨大宝藏。美国作为世界第一大经济体,拥有广大的市场空间,吸纳外部商品、投资、人才的能力极强。从中国看,我们有13亿多人口,山东、四川两省人口都接近一个亿,在座6省市人口加起来相当于全美国人口的总数。我们正在大力推进新型工业化、信息化、城镇化、农业现代化,实施创新驱动发展战略,这一进程将对外部商品、技术、服务产生海量需求。未来5年,预计中国将进口10万亿美元商品,对外投资将超过5000亿美元,出境旅游人数将超过5亿人次。我们欢迎美国各州同中国地方加强合作。First, the two sides need to tap into opportunities emanating from our huge economic aggregates. A big size means tremendous business opportunities. China and the U.S. are the world's two largest economies. This is in itself a treasure house for cooperation between our provinces and states. As the world's largest economy, the U.S. has a huge market and a strong capability to attract foreign products, investment and talents to its shores. In China, we have a population of over 1.3 billion. The provinces of Shandong and Sichuan each have a population of around 100 million. And the six Chinese provinces and cities represented here have a combined population roughly the same as that of the U.S.. We in China are pursuing a new type of industrialization, IT development, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and implementing a strategy of innovation-driven development. This process will generate enormous demands for products, technologies and services from abroad. In the next five years, China is expected to import 10 trillion U.S. dollars of products and invest over 500 billion dollars overseas; and outbound visits by the Chinese people will exceed 500 million. We welcome closer cooperation between American states and their counterparts in China.
第二,双方要共同分享中美两国改革发展的政策利好。变革是当今世界的潮流。中国将坚定不移继续改革开放,中国各地正在进行各方面改革开放的探索。美国努力调整经济结构,采取“再工业化”、制造业回流等政策,制定了很多鼓励科技创新、产业升级的战略规划,推动经济持续复苏。一些州出台了不少招商引资的办法,条件甚至比我们上世纪80年代还优惠。这都会创造合作机遇。我们鼓励更多中国地方到美国开展更高水平的交流合作,实现自身发展,也进一步造福当地社会。Second, the two sides need to take advantage of favorable policies of reform and development introduced by the two countries. Reform is a prevailing trend in today's world. China will stay committed to reform and opening-up, and Chinese provinces and cities are doing their part in pursuing reform and opening-up in various aspects. The U.S. is restructuring its economy, re-industrializing and re-shoring its manufacturing sector. To ensure sustained economic recovery, it has made strategic plans to spur scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Some states have introduced measures to attract investment, which are even more favorable than what we implemented in the 1980s. These will create opportunities for cooperation. We encourage more Chinese provinces and cities to come to the U.S. for exchanges and cooperation at a higher level to develop themselves and deliver more benefits to the local communities.
中国正在制定“十三五”时期经济社会发展规划。我们将着力实行新一轮高水平对外开放,加快建立开放型经济新体制。这方面,我们鼓励一些有条件的地区先行先试。比如,我们在上海、广东、天津、福建设立4个自由贸易试验区,采取准入前国民待遇加负面清单的管理模式;在北京市开展金融、旅游、医疗等6个服务业领域对外资开放试点,等等。我们将采取有力措施促进国内区域协调发展、城乡协调发展,加快欠发达地区发展。我们将加快推进“一带一路”建设,为国内各地区拓展对外合作搭建平台。比如,新疆是丝绸之路经济带“核心区域”,云南是“一带一路”向西南开放的“桥头堡”。“一带一路”欢迎包括美国在内的世界各国积极参与。这些措施将为中美地方合作创造机遇。China is formulation its 13th Five-Year Plan for economic and social development. We will focus on a new round of opening-up at a higher level and speed up efforts to build an open economy. In the regard, we encourage well-placed provinces and cities to try out certain reforms measures. For example, we have established four pilot free trade zones in Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian based on a management model of pre-establishment national treatment and negative list. In Beijing, we have, on a trial basis, opened up six service sectors including finance, tourism and healthcare to foreign investors. We will take effective measures to ensure coordinated development between different regions and urban and rural areas, and accelerate the development of underdeveloped regions. We will advance the "Belt and Road" Initiative at a faster pace to build platforms for different parts of China to expand their external cooperation. For instance, Xinjiang is a core area of the Silk Road economic belt and Yunnan is a gateway to the southwest under the "Belt and Road" Initiative. The U.S. and other countries are welcome to actively participate in the "Belt and Road" Initiative. All these measures will create opportunities for China-U.S. sub-national cooperation.
第三,双方要努力发掘中美地方优势互补的潜能。发挥优势是合作成功的关键。中美各地优势领域各具特色,互补性很强。双方应该因地制宜,“八仙过海,各显神通”。比如,艾奥瓦州有“美国粮仓”之称,俄勒冈州也是美国的重要农业区,可以同陕西、河北、黑龙江等中国农业大省加强合作。加利福尼亚州的惠普公司在重庆建有全球电脑生产基地,双方可以围绕信息产业深化合作。密歇根州是美国最大的机动车生产地,中方在座的六省市都在积极发展汽车工业,双方可以探讨开展更多合作项目。双方还可以积极探索开辟第三方市场。Third, the two sides need to unlock more local potentials for complementary cooperation. The key to successful cooperation is to leverage our respective strengths. Many areas in China and the U.S. boast unique local strengths, which are highly complementary. We need to make full use of these strengths in our cooperation. Just as a Chinese saying goes, "When eight immortals crossed the sea, each showed their own magic." Take agricultural cooperation as an example. Iowa is known as the "granary of the U.S." and Oregon is also a major agricultural producer. These two states can strengthen their cooperation with big agricultural producers like Shaanxi, Hebei and Heilongjiang provinces. California's HP has set up a global computer production center in Chongqing, where further cooperation in IT industry and be expected. Michigan, as the largest motor vehicles producer of the U.S., can also explore cooperation with China. In fact, Michigan may start with the six Chinese provinces and cities present today, as they all have a booming car industry. And the two sides can explore cooperation in a third market.
中国正在大力推进生态文明建设。这也是我们“十三五”规划的一个重点方向。粗略计算,我们这些年每年环保投入近2000亿美元,各地环保投入都在快速增长。这方面中国有需要、有市场,美国有技术、有经验。华盛顿州在环保、海岸带保护等方面有优势,就可以同中国一些环保投入大省或沿海省份加强合作。前不久在洛杉矶举办的首届中美气候智慧型/低碳城市峰会效果也很好,很多地方省州减排目标走在了国家目标的前头,发挥着率先引领作用。这种努力值得肯定和鼓励。两国地方环保领域交流合作理应成为中美合力应对气候变化、推进可持续发展的一个重要方面。China is making great effort to protect the eco-system, which is a priority in its 13th Five-Year Plan. According to initial estimates, China's annual input into environmental protection in the past few years approached 200 billion dollars. At the local level, environmental input is also rising rapidly. China has the demand and the market, while the U.S. has the technology and the expertise. Washington, with its strengths in environmental protection, coastline protection in particular, can step up its cooperation with those Chinese provinces that invest heavily in this area or coastal provinces in China. The first China-U.S. Climate Leaders Summit recently held in Los Angeles was as great success. Many of our provinces or states are playing an exemplary role by setting emissions reduction targets more ambitious than national ones. Such efforts need to be recognized and encouraged. Exchange and cooperation in environmental protection at the local level should be part and parcel of our joint efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable development.
我高度重视中美人文交流。“亲戚越走越近,朋友越走越亲。”中美民众往来越频繁,两国友好的基础就越坚实,务实合作就越红火。各省州应该在教育、旅游、体育、青年等广泛领域开展交流合作,支持社会各界和民众多走动、常来往。I deeply value the cultural and people-to-people exchanges between our two countries. Relatives and friends become closer if they visit each other more. This is also true for Chinese and Americans. Exchanges bring deeper friendship and more vigorous practical cooperation. Local governments from both sides need to engage each other extensively in areas like education, tourism, sports and youth and encourage more interactions between people from all walks of life.
就业是各位省州长高度关注的问题,我们要通过开展这些合作,促进增长,创造就业,使人民受益。I know as governors, your are most concerned about employment. Cooperation in the above-mentioned areas will promote growth and create jobs, thus bringing benefits to our peoples.
今天来的中国省市,每家都有几十、上百所高等院校,有的省在校生数量超过百万。2006年,我在浙江工作时,出席了温州大学和美国肯恩大学合作创办温州肯恩大学的签字仪式。经过多年努力,温州肯恩大学去年正式设立,目前运转良好。浙江省还有近百所中小学同美国各地学校结成姐妹关系,往来活跃。双方应该探索形式多样的教育合作,共同培养面向未来的高素质人才。中方将在未来3年内资助两国共5万名留学生到对方国家学习,美国也将努力在2020年前实现百万名美国学生学中文,两国将在2016年举办旅游年。这些举措将为两国各省州加强人文交流提供更多平台。希望大家一道努力,把中美民间友好的桥梁筑得更宽、更牢。The Chinese provinces and cities represented today are each home to dozens of, or even over a hundred, universities. In some provinces, university students number over a million. When I was Governor of Zhejiang back in 2006, I attended a signing ceremony for a joint initiative between Wenzhou University and Kean University to establish the Wenzhou-Kean University. After years of efforts, this university was finally up and running last year and is making good progress today. Also in Zhejiang, nearly 100 primary and secondary schools have established sister-school relationships with their U.S. counterparts with robust exchanges. We also need to explore various ways of education cooperation and nurture high-caliber people that meet the need of our societies in the future. In the next three years, China will support a total of 50,000 Chinese and American students to study in each other's countries, and the U.S. will provide opportunities to as many as one million American students to learn Chinese by 2020. We will hold the Chinese-U.S. Tourism Year in 2016. These measures will provide more platforms for greater cultural and people-to-people exchanges at the sub-national level. I hope that we can all add building blocks to the bridge of Chinese-American friendship.
中国人常说“只争朝夕”。西方人则讲究“行事要趁机会好”。中美地方合作正当其时。希望各位积极推动两国各省州抓住机遇、乘势而上,共同谱写中美地方合作新篇章。Chinese people often say, "Seize the moment", while westerners believe in "making hay while the sun shines." Now is the prime time for China-U.S. sub-national cooperation. I hope your will seize the moment, build on the momentum and work together to write a new chapter of China-U.S. sub-national cooperation.
谢谢大家。Thank you.


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