Full text: Li Keqiang's address at the 5th China-CEEC Economic and Trade Forum

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivers a speech at the opening ceremony of the Fifth China and Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and Trade Forum in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, Nov. 24, 2015. [Xinhua]


国务院总理 李克强

Work Together to Open Up New Prospects for Win-Win Cooperation
-- Address by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Fifth China and Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and Trade Forum
Suzhou, 24 November 2015

Dear Colleagues,
Business Leaders,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
这次是中方第一次举办中国-中东欧国家领导人会晤。会晤前我们共同参加第五届中国-中东欧国家经贸论坛,这本身表明16+1领导人会晤高度重视务实合作,各国都有强烈的政治意愿推动经贸合作取得更大发展,助力各国经济发展和民生改善。This is the first time that China hosts the summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). The fact that we are attending the Fifth China and CEEC Economic and Trade Forum before the summit speaks to the high importance that leaders from the 17 countries place on practical cooperation. It also shows the strong political will of our countries to press for even greater progress in our economic and trade cooperation to boost our economies at home and improve the lives of our peoples.
中国-中东欧国家经贸论坛已举办四届,与16+1领导人会晤机制一道,见证了双方合作的成长壮大、开花结果,不仅是传承友谊的纽带和桥梁,而且已成为中欧经贸合作的重要平台。在全球经济低迷、贸易并不景气的大背景下,中国与中东欧国家务实合作仍保持良好势头。双方贸易规模连创新高,2014年突破600亿美元,中方自中东欧国家进口额比2010年增长77.4%,这说明中国和中东欧国家不仅有高度的政治互信,也有巨大的贸易和投资潜力。我们彼此间双向投资稳步增加,中国企业赴中东欧国家投资兴业热情高涨,累计投资已经超过50亿美元,国别分布和投资方式日趋多元,中东欧企业来华投资领域也逐步扩大。重大项目合作稳步推进,中方企业在中东欧国家累计完成工程承包营业额占中国在欧洲的40%。贝尔格莱德跨多瑙河大桥竣工通车,标志着中国在中东欧国家实施的首个重大项目正式落成。目前,中国企业承建的电站、高速公路、防洪工程等一批项目正在加快推进。中国有句古话,弗虑胡获,弗为胡成。能够取得这些成绩,是各国政府鼎力支持的结果,也离不开双方工商界和企业家们的大胆开拓和辛勤耕耘。The economic and trade forum has already been convened four times. Together with the Meeting of Heads of Government, the forum witnessed the growth and fruitful results of the 16+1 cooperation. It has become not only a bond and bridge of friendship but also an important platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe. Despite the weak global economy and sluggish world trade, practical cooperation between China and CEE countries has kept a good momentum. Two-way trade in 2014 exceeded US$60 billion, setting a new record, and China's import from CEE countries rose by 77.4% from the 2010 level. Both figures signify a high degree of mutual political trust between the two sides as well as the immense potential in our trade and investment. Investment in both ways is steadily growing. Chinese companies are very eager to invest in CEE countries. Their investment stock in CEE countries has surpassed US$5 billion, and their destination countries and investment modalities have become more diverse. Businesses from CEE countries are also investing in more sectors in China. Major cooperation projects are moving ahead steadily. 40% of the total business generated by contracted projects undertaken by Chinese companies in Europe are in CEE countries. The Belgrade bridge over the Danube has been completed and opened to traffic, marking the completion of the first major project undertaken by China in CEE countries. Other projects undertaken by Chinese companies such as power plants, highways and flood prevention works are moving ahead rapidly. There is an old saying in China, "Those who don't think, acquire nothing; those who don't act, achieve nothing". Indeed, such achievements would not have been possible without the strong support from the governments and the pioneering and unremitting efforts of the business communities and business leaders of both sides.
当前,中国正在与相关国家合作推进“一带一路”建设,中东欧16国占沿线国家总数的四分之一,双方完全可以进一步做好发展战略对接。未来五年,中国将朝着全面建成小康社会的目标迈进,也是落实《中欧合作 2020战略规划》的重要时期。在参加完经贸论坛后,我将与16国领导人举行正式会晤,共同发表《中国-中东欧国家合作中期规划》和《中国-中东欧国家合作苏州纲要》,为双方未来合作确定大方向和路线图。这些规划将为我们各领域合作开辟更加广阔的空间,给双方企业界带来更多利好。At present, China is partnering with other countries to advance the Belt and Road initiative. As the 16 CEE countries account for one fourth of the countries along the routes, there is a lot we can do to further synergize our development strategies. In the coming five years, China will strive to attain the goal of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. It is also an important period for the implementation of the China-EU 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation. Right after this forum, I will join leaders from the 16 CEE countries in a formal meeting. We will adopt the Medium-Term Agenda for Cooperation Between China and Central and Eastern European Countries and the Suzhou Guidelines for Cooperation to map out the blueprint for our future cooperation. They are plans to open up broader prospects for our cooperation and bring more benefits to the business communities of the two sides.
这里,我愿就进一步深化中国-中东欧全面合作谈几点看法,与各位企业家交流探讨。Here, I wish to share with you some thoughts on further deepening China-CEEC comprehensive cooperation.
第一,尽快推动互联互通项目落地。加强区域交通基础设施建设,同“一带一路”倡议更好对接,这是“16+1合作”的重点之一。中方愿同中东欧国家对接发展规划,全力推动匈塞铁路这一旗舰项目,确保年内开工、两年完成。中方愿在互利共赢的基础上,与有关各方共同推进中欧陆海快线建设,使中东欧成为中国同欧洲贸易联系的快捷通道,欢迎各国企业积极参与,并探讨物流合作的可能性。中国的改革开放是从沿海地区开始的,在港口、港区建设方面有较强的能力,积累了丰富的经验。中方愿意投资中东欧国家的港口和港区建设,加强同地区国家陆上、海上互联互通。同时充分结合中方网络装备技术和性价比好的优势与中东欧国家需求,开展互联网基础设施建设合作,促进网络互联互通。First, we need to push for early completion of connectivity projects. One of the priorities of the 16+1 cooperation is to strengthen regional transport infrastructure in synergy with the Belt and Road initiative. China is ready to synergize its development plans with those of CEE countries. We will make every effort to advance the flagship project of the Budapest-Belgrade railway link and make sure that construction will start within the year and will end in two years' time. China would also like to push forward the project of the China-Europe Land-Sea Express Line with the relevant parties on a win-win basis so that the CEE region will be able to facilitate rapid transit of trade between China and Europe. Companies from all countries are welcome to join the effort and explore the possibility of logistics cooperation. China's reform and opening-up program started with its coastal regions. So we have rich experience and a strong capacity in port construction and port zone development. China is ready to invest in ports and port zone development in CEE countries to enhance land and sea links. What's more, we can leverage China's strength in Internet equipment and technologies and relative low cost and meet the need of CEE countries and engage in Internet infrastructure cooperation to promote Internet connectivity.
第二,发挥产能合作的引领作用。目前,中东欧地区交通、电力等基础设施和工业设备面临升级改造的任务,但由于资金短缺等制约,市场需求仍待释放。一些发达国家关键技术装备先进,而成套装备和产品价格较高。中国在汽车、钢铁、造船、化工、港口设备、工程机械等领域拥有优质产能,产品性价比高,综合配套和工程建设能力强,符合中东欧国家环保要求。把中国的优势产能同中东欧国家的发展需求、西欧发达国家的关键技术结合起来,开展三方合作,不仅可以支持中东欧国家以较低成本加快发展、扩大就业,促进中国产业转型升级,也有利于欧洲平衡发展、加快一体化进程。中方愿同波罗的海国家探讨开展高铁合作,其中一些关键设备可以考虑从西欧等国家采购。我今年6月访法期间,中法双方达成协议,在核电领域共同开展第三方市场合作。把中国较强的装备制造和配套能力同法国先进的核电安全技术相结合,可以提供安全性好、性价比优的核电解决方案。中方愿响应中东欧国家希望联接波罗的海、亚得里亚海和黑海的愿望,可先从三海的港口升级改造开始合作,包括在有条件的港口建设产业聚集区。Second, we need to give a greater play to production-capacity cooperation. The CEE region now faces the task to upgrade its transportation, electricity and other infrastructure as well as industrial equipment. However, due to the lack of funding and other constraints, the market demand is yet to be unlocked. Some developed countries may have advanced key technologies and equipment, but their equipment sets and products are fairly expensive. China, on its part, has quality production capacity in automobile, iron and steel, shipbuilding, chemicals, port equipment, construction machinery and can offer quality products at relatively low cost. And China is strong in construction capacity and supporting services and can meet the environmental standard of CEE countries. To develop three-way cooperation by combining China's quality production capacity with CEE countries' development needs and the key technologies of the western European countries will not only enable CEE countries to speed up development and create more jobs at a lower cost and to boost industrial upgrading in China, but also contribute to more balanced development within Europe and accelerate European integration. China is also willing to discuss with the Baltic countries the possibilities of cooperation in high-speed railway construction and may consider purchasing some key equipment from western European countries. During my visit to France last June, the two countries reached an agreement on jointly exploring third-party market for nuclear power cooperation. A combination of China's strong equipment manufacturing and supporting services and the advanced French nuclear safety technologies will offer a good value-for-money nuclear power solution with sound safety standards. China is also ready to respond to the aspirations of CEE countries to connect the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas. Cooperation may start with the upgrading of ports, including the development of industrial clusters at ports where conditions allow.
第三,打造农产品特色贸易新亮点。中国是农产品消费大国,中东欧地区肉制品、奶制品、葡萄酒等农副产品深加工以及畜牧业育种、养殖、加工等方面合作颇具潜力。中国将创造条件,进一步扩大中东欧国家商品特别是农产品进口。欢迎中东欧国家企业参加中国-中东欧国家投资贸易博览会等展会,把更多绿色产品推介到中国市场。中方愿与中东欧国家加强检验检疫合作,共同推动农产品贸易增长,促进贸易平衡发展。Third, we need to create new highlights in the trade of special agricultural products. China is a major consumer of agricultural products. There is great potential for our cooperation with the CEE region in deep processing of meat, dairy, wine and other agricultural and sideline products as well as in breeding, farming and processing in the animal husbandry sector. China will create conditions to import more goods, especially farm products, from CEE countries. We also welcome the participation of CEEC companies in the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo and other trade fairs, so that they can introduce more green products to the Chinese market. We are ready to step up quarantine and inspection cooperation with CEE countries to facilitate trade in agricultural products and improve trade balance.
第四,拓宽渠道解决融资问题。中国与中东欧国家法律制度框架不同,合作项目融资难免因此遇到一些困难。中方尊重欧盟相关标准,愿与16国政府共同探讨开辟更多渠道,以更灵活方式对大项目合作予以优先政策支持。我们应充分发挥100亿美元专项贷款作用,研究设立30亿美元投资基金,启动中国-中东欧投资合作基金二期,探讨设立人民币中东欧合作基金。目前,中国银行、中国工商银行、国家开发银行已在中东欧地区设立分支机构或代表处,中方支持中国同中东欧国家开展本币互换、本币结算、金融监管等合作。我们倡议筹建16+1多边金融公司,鼓励通过融资租赁、贸易融资、股权投资、公私合营等多种形式,降低合作融资成本。对于使用中国装备和产品的,中方愿提供优惠的融资支持。中方加入欧洲复兴开发银行的申请已获董事会批准,正待理事会通过。双方也正在商谈联合融资,中东欧企业可由此渠道获得更多资金。中方愿通过这个渠道,按欧盟标准加强融资合作。此外,亚洲基础设施投资银行、丝路基金等金融机构也可以为双方项目合作提供支持。Fourth, we need to widen channels to address the financing issue. Since China and CEE countries have different legal frameworks, our collaborative projects may encounter some difficulties. China respects relevant EU standards. And we are ready to explore with the governments of the 16 CEE countries to open more channels and offer preferential policy support to major cooperation projects in a more flexible manner. We should fully leverage the US$10 billion special credit line, study the idea of setting up a US$3 billion investment fund, launch the second phase of China-CEEC investment cooperation fund, and discuss the possibility of an RMB fund for China-CEEC cooperation. The Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the China Development Bank have opened branches or representative offices in the CEE region. China supports cooperation with CEE countries in local currency swap, local currency settlement and financial regulation. We propose the setting up of a 16+1 multilateral financial company to reduce financing costs for our cooperation through financial leasing, trade financing, equity investment, PPP and other forms. When Chinese equipment and products are used, China is ready to provide preferential financing support. China's application to join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been approved by its Board of Governors, and is waiting for the approval of its Board of Directors. The two sides are also discussing joint financing, through which CEEC companies can get more funding. China is ready to strengthen financing cooperation through this channel according to EU standards. In addition, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Silk Road Fund and other financial institutions may also provide support to our cooperation projects.
中国-中东欧合作还要更多重视促进双方中小企业合作与发展。一个国家的繁荣进步在于全体人民创造力的发挥,不仅需要大企业发挥骨干支撑作用,也需要为数众多的中小企业发挥在技术创新方面的活力与优势。中国正在大力推动大众创业、万众创新,愿同中东欧国家携手打造中小企业创新合作平台,促进中国-中东欧合作遍地开花,取得丰硕成果。We should give more attention to SME cooperation and development. The prosperity and progress of a country depends on whether the ingenuity of its entire population is unleashed. This requires the big companies to play the backbone role and also needs the numerous SMEs to harness their vitality and advantage in technological innovation. China is energetically pressing ahead with mass entrepreneurship and innovation. We are ready to work with CEE countries to forge platforms for SME innovation cooperation so that our cooperation will spread into more areas and produce more fruitful results.
中国与中东欧国家传统友谊深厚。密切的人文交流会筑牢双方经贸合作根基。我们将把2016年确定为“中国-中东欧国家人文交流年”,充分发挥文化、教育、科技、青年、卫生等各领域交流平台作用,举办丰富多彩的人文活动。China and CEE countries enjoy deep traditional friendship. Close cultural and people-to-people links will consolidate the foundation of our business cooperation. We will designate 2016 as the China-CEEC Year of Cultural and People-to-people Exchanges to make full use of our cooperation platforms in culture, education, science and technology, youth, health and other fields and organize colorful events under the framework.
女士们,先生们!Ladies and Gentlemen,
我知道大家都很关心中国经济走势。今年以来,在全球经济复苏乏力,不确定性因素增加的背景下,中国经济运行平稳,处于合理区间,全年有望实现7%左右的增长,完成经济社会发展主要目标任务。这也为下一步中国经济保持中高速增长、迈向中高端水平打下了基础。I know you all have a keen interest in China's economic outlook. Despite the weak recovery of and rising uncertainties in the global economy this year, the Chinese economy has performed steadily within a reasonable range. We are on track to attain around 7% growth for the whole year and meet the main targets of economic and social development. This will lay the foundation for the Chinese economy to keep a medium-high growth rate and move to a medium-to-high level in the next stage.
中国经济稳中向好的趋势不会改变。我们正在大力推进结构性改革和结构调整,着力打造大众创业、万众创新和增加公共产品、公共服务“双引擎”,通过创新简政放权、放管结合、优化服务方式,不断激发市场主体的活力和社会创造力。中国经济具有巨大的韧性、潜力和回旋余地,13亿多人口的消费升级将形成世界上最大的市场需求,新型工业化、信息化、城镇化、农业现代化同步推进将拓展更大的发展空间。The Chinese economy is moving steadily in the right direction. This trend will not change. In our vigorous efforts to promote structural reform and adjustment, we are working to foster twin engines of growth, i.e. promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation and increasing public goods and services. We will unlock the dynamism of market players and creativity of the society by taking new approaches to streamline administration and delegate power, strengthening regulation and improving government services. The Chinese economy has great resilience, huge potential and ample room for readjustment. The upgrading of consumption of over 1.3 billion Chinese people will generate the largest market demand the world has ever seen. Parallel progress in the new type of industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization will further expand the space of development.
中国正在制定经济社会发展“十三五”规划,将坚持创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享发展新理念,着力实现全面建成小康社会的宏伟蓝图。未来五年,经济年均增速需要保持在6.5%以上,这意味着到2020年人均GDP将达到1.2万美元左右,按照世界银行的标准,接近高收入国家水平,基本跨越“中等收入陷阱”,这将是中国现代化进程中又一个里程碑,也将为包括中东欧国家在内的世界各国提供更多发展机遇,为世界经济复苏和世界和平、稳定与繁荣作出新的贡献。我们将实施更高层次的对外开放,推动装备、技术、标准、服务走出去,放宽金融、教育、医疗、养老等领域市场准入。中国开放的大门将越开越大,也乐见中东欧国家分享中国繁荣发展的红利。China is drafting its 13th five-year plan on economic and social development. It will adopt a new development approach featuring innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development to achieve its ambitious blueprint for a moderately prosperous society in all respects. In the next five years, annual growth rate needs to be kept above 6.5%. At this rate, our per capita GDP will reach around US$12,000 by 2020. That will be close to the level of high-income countries according to World Bank standard and allow us to basically avoid the middle-income trap. If achieved, it will mark another milestone in China's modernization process, offer even more development opportunities for CEEC and other countries, and make new contribution to global economic recovery and world peace, stability and prosperity. China will open up at a higher level, promote our equipment, technologies, standards and services around the world, and ease market access in finance, education, health care, old-age care and other fields. As we open up even wider, we would be happy to see CEE countries share in the dividends of China's prosperity and development.
女士们,先生们!Ladies and Gentlemen,
中东欧国家有句谚语说,“胆小的永远等在山脚,勇敢者才能登上山顶。”中国也有句格言,“信不弃功,智不遗时。”中国-中东欧国家合作的大好时机就在眼前,希望在座的企业界精英们抓住机遇,齐心协力,共同开创中欧合作互利共赢新局面!A proverb in CEE countries says that the faint-hearted will always wait at the foot of the hill, and only the brave can climb to the top. And a Chinese saying goes that one should have the commitment and lose no opportunity to make achievements. Now, the good opportunity of China-CEEC cooperation is within reach. I hope that the business leaders present today will seize the opportunity and work together to open up new prospects for win-win cooperation between China and Europe.
预祝第五届中国-中东欧国家经贸论坛圆满成功!I wish the Fifth China-CEEC Economic and Trade Forum a complete success.
谢谢大家。 Thank you.


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