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当地时间1月19日,国家主席习近平在利雅得同沙特阿拉伯国王萨勒曼举行会谈。会谈前,习近平出席萨勒曼国王在王宫办公厅广场举行的隆重欢迎仪式。[新华社 鞠鹏 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping (L, front) attends the welcoming ceremony held by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (R, front) before their talks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 19, 2016. [Ju Peng/Xinhua]
1月18日,在对沙特阿拉伯王国进行国事访问之际,国家主席习近平在沙特《利雅得报》发表题为《做共同发展的好伙伴》的署名文章。文章如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping published a signed article titled "Be Good Partners for Common Development" on Saudi newspaper Alriyadh on Monday ahead of his state visit to the country. The following is the English version of the article:


Be Good Partners for Common Development
By H. E. Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic of China
Published on Alriyadh of Saudi Arabia

沙特是我今年首次出访的第一站,也是我担任中国国家主席后访问的第一个阿拉伯国家。Saudi Arabia is the first stop of my first overseas visit this year and also the first Arab country I will visit as President of the People's Republic of China.
沙特是中国的兄弟国家。一提到沙特,人们想到的是“石油王国”得天独厚的油气宝藏,伊斯兰教发源地的悠久历史,大漠落日的壮美辽阔。China sees Saudi Arabia as a brotherly state. An oil kingdom with huge oil and gas reserves, a country with time-honored history which is the birthplace of Islam, and the magnificent setting sun against the vast expanse of the desert: these are the images that Saudi Arabia brings to our mind.
2008年,我以中国国家副主席身份访问沙特,沙特国家建设欣欣向荣,人民热情好客,给我留下美好印象。In 2008, I visited Saudi Arabia as Vice Chinese President, and I was greatly impressed by its prosperity and the hospitality of its people.
时隔8年,我将应萨勒曼国王邀请,带着中国人民对沙特人民的情谊和对发展中沙友好关系的期盼,再次踏上这片美丽富饶的土地。Eight years on, at the invitation of His Majesty Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, I will once again set foot on this beautiful and rich land, and I will bring with me the Chinese people's friendship towards the Saudi Arabian people and their keen desire to grow friendly ties between our two countries.
中国人说,患难见真情。沙特有句俗语:“向急于求助的人伸出援手是最大的善行。” 2008年中国四川汶川特大地震发生后,沙特第一时间向中国提供6000多万美元的现金和物资援助,这是中国政府收到的最大一笔海外单项援助。沙特政府和人民的援助是中沙友谊的生动体现。中国人民深受感动,将永远铭记于心。We Chinese often say that true friendship stands out in time of adversity. And people in Saudi Arabia also believe that "there is no greater virtue than extending a helping hand to those in need". In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Wenchuan of China's Sichuan Province in 2008, Saudi Arabia immediately provided over US$60 million of both cash and material assistance to China, the largest item of overseas assistance ever received by the Chinese government. This assistance provided by the Saudi Arabian government people, a vivid symbol of the China-Saudi Arabia friendship, deeply moved the Chinese people and will always be remembered by us.
中沙两国人民友好交往源远流长。2000多年前,古丝绸之路上,往来于双方的驼队络绎不绝。中国唐代时期,大食国遣使来华。中国明代穆斯林航海家郑和远航吉达、麦加、麦地那等地,盛赞所到之处“民风和美”,“诚为极乐世界”。中华文明和伊斯兰文明交流互鉴,在人类文明交流史上留下了深刻印记。The peoples of China and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed friendly exchanges for centuries. Over 2000 years ago, numerous camel caravans from the two sides travelled along the ancient Silk Road. Diplomatic envoys from the Seljuk Empire visited China during the Tang Dynasty. Zheng He, China's Muslim navigator in the Ming Dynasty, travelled to Jeddah, Mecca and Medina, and he described them as paradises where people enjoyed peace and harmony. The interactions and mutual learning between the Chinese and Islamic civilizations are an important part in the history of inter-civilization exchanges.
1990年中沙建交,开启了两国关系新篇章。特别是2008年建立战略性友好关系以来,中沙关系实现跨越式发展,各领域务实合作达到前所未有的广度和深度。沙特连续多年是中国在全球第一大原油供应国和在西亚非洲地区第一大贸易伙伴。2013年,中国首次成为沙特第一大贸易伙伴。2014年,中沙双边贸易额比建交时增长230多倍,达到691亿美元。如今,中国每进口6桶原油就有1桶来自沙特,沙特出口每收入7里亚尔就有1里亚尔来自中国。The establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Saudi Arabia in 1990 opened a new chapter in their relations. In particular, since the establishment of the strategic and friendly relationship between the two countries in 2008, China-Saudi Arabia relations have progressed by leaps and bounds, with enormous growth made in all-round corporation. For years, Saudi Arabia has been China's biggest global supplier of crude oil and its biggest trading partner in West Asia and Africa. In 2013, China became the biggest trading partner of Saudi Arabia for the first time. Two-way trade reached US$69.1 billion in 2014, growing by 230 times over that at the time of the establishment of diplomatic ties. Today, one in six barrels of crude oil China imports comes from Saudi Arabia, and one out of every seven Riyal Saudi Arabia earns from its exports comes from China.
中沙基础设施建设、投资、劳务、农业等领域合作项目不胜枚举,合作规模不断扩大。中国公司在圣城麦加铺设的轻轨项目为来自全球的穆斯林朝觐者提供了便捷服务。中国公司开发朝觐通信保障方案,连续多年确保了朝觐期间通信畅通。中沙两国科研机构成功绘制了椰枣基因组图谱,对椰枣产量、品种改良、病虫害防治等产生重要影响。China and Saudi Arabia are also expanding the cooperation, with numerous cooperation projects being undertaken in infrastructure, investment, labor and agriculture. The light rail line constructed by a Chinese company in the sacred city of Mecca provides convenient travel services to Muslim pilgrims from around the world. Chinese companies have provided good telecommunication services for the pilgrimage for many years. Our scientific and research institutes successfully completed the genetic map for date palms, leading to increased yields, better strains and stronger capacity of pest resistance.
中沙人文交流日益密切。2010年上海世博会,沙特精心打造的“丝路宝船”是最具人气的场馆之一,参观的游人至今仍然络绎不绝。2013年,中国作为主宾国参加沙特杰纳第利亚遗产文化节,向沙特民众近距离展示既有传统文化传承又具现代发展创新的活力中国。China and Saudi Arabia enjoy increasingly close people-to-people exchanges. The Silk Road Treasure Boat Pavilion built by Saudi Arabia for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai was one of its most popular pavilions, and it still attracts numerous visitors today. In 2013, China attended the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Saudi Arabia as the country of honor, enabling Saudi visitors to intimately learn about a dynamic and innovative China that enjoys both a traditional cultural heritage and success of modern development.
“海内存知己,天涯若比邻。”日益密切的友好合作让两国人民的心更紧地贴在一起。As a Chinese saying goes, "devoted friends afar are not kept apart by distance". The growing friendship and cooperation are bringing our two peoples closer than ever before.
中沙关系精彩纷呈,给我们许多有益经验和启迪。我认为,互尊互信、平等相待是中沙关系健康稳定发展的牢固基础;优势互补、互利共赢是中沙关系长期造福两国人民的强大动力;坦诚相见、民心相亲是中沙友谊历久弥新的不竭源泉。There is so much inspiration we can draw from the flourishing ties between China and Saudi Arabia: Mutual respect, mutual trust and equality are the solid foundation of the sound and steady growth of the bilateral relationship; tapping our respective strength for mutual benefit provides powerful impetus for our relationship to deliver long-term benefits to our two peoples; and openness and amity between our peoples are the inexhaustible source of strength for sustaining China-Saudi Arabia friendship
纵观中沙各自的经济社会发展进程,我们发现,两国都立足国情,走适合自身的发展道路;都着眼长远,推进经济可持续和多元化发展;都以人为本,不断提高人民生活水平。高度契合的发展理念为双方关系发展开辟了广阔空间。A review of our respective progress in economic and social development shows that China and Saudi Arabia have so much in common: Both countries have followed development paths suited to their national conditions; both of us have achieved future-oriented sustainable economic development in diverse ways; and both countries have endeavored to improve our people's lives. Our highly compatible visions on development will greatly boost the growth of China-Saudi Arabia relations.
当前,中国人民正在为实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标、实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦而不懈努力。沙特也开始实施新的五年计划,致力于促进经济多元化发展战略,实现国家全面、平衡、协调发展。The Chinese people are making tireless efforts to realize the two "centenary goals", namely, to finish the building of a country of initial prosperity in all respects when the Communist Party of China celebrates its centenary in 2021 and turn China into a modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious when the People's Republic celebrates its centenary in 2049. We are also endeavoring to achieve the Chinese dream of great national renewal. Saudi Arabia has started the implementation of a new five-year plan and vigorously pursued a strategy of diversified economic development to achieve all-round, balanced and coordinated development.
相近的发展诉求、相同的发展使命、相融的发展利益为中沙关系向纵深发展提供了持久动力。Similar development aspirations, same development missions and converged development interests provide enduring impetus to the in-depth growth of China-Saudi Arabia relations.
中沙是有重要影响力的国家,面临着推动双边关系发展的重要历史机遇。我期待通过这次访问,同沙特领导人一道,提高双边关系水平,推动两国互利合作向更深层次、更高水平跨越,更好造福两国人民。China and Saudi Arabia, both countries with important influence, will embrace a great historic opportunity of advancing their bilateral relations. By making this visit, I look forward to working together with the leaders of Saudi Arabia to elevate the bilateral relations, upgrade mutually beneficial cooperation and deliver more benefits to our two peoples.
——我们要做相互支持、真诚互信的战略伙伴。双方应该从战略高度和长远角度把握两国关系大方向,加强国家发展战略对接,在涉及彼此核心利益和重大关切问题上相互理解和支持,巩固政治互信。-- Let us forge a strategic partnership of mutual support, sincerity and mutual trust. We should bear in mind the strategic nature of China-Saudi Arabia relations and ensure their long-term and sound growth, form synergy between our respective development strategies, increase mutual understanding to and support each other on issues relating to our respective core interests and major concerns, and cement political mutual trust.
——我们要做合作共赢、共同发展的互惠伙伴。双方应该扩大双边贸易规模,打造长期稳定的中沙能源合作共同体,加强基础设施建设、投资领域合作,并以航天、和平利用核能、可再生能源三大高技术领域为突破口,丰富中沙务实合作内容。中方赞赏沙特以意向创始成员国身份加入亚洲基础设施投资银行,也愿同沙方一道加快推动中国-海湾合作委员会自由贸易区建设,使双边合作和多边合作形成良好互动局面,不断提高两国互利合作水平。-- Let us forge a win-win partnership of mutual benefit and common development. We should expand trade, build a long-term, stable China-Saudi Arabia community of energy corporation, enhance cooperation in infrastructure and investment, and prioritize three hi-tech sectors, namely, aerospace, peaceful use of nuclear energy and renewable energy, in our efforts to enrich practical cooperation. China welcomes Saudi Arabia's joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a prospective founding member; and we will work with Saudi Arabia to accelerate efforts to build the China-Gulf Cooperation Council Free Trade Area. All those efforts will reinforce both our bilateral and multilateral cooperation and yield greater benefits to both countries.
——我们要做同舟共济、携手同行的合作伙伴。中方愿同沙方加强多边领域合作,维护地区和平稳定、促进共同发展。为促进区域互联互通和共同发展,中方提出了共建丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路的构想。我们希望并相信地处“一带一路”西端交汇地带的沙特将成为“一带一路”的重要参与者、建设者、受益者。-- Let us forge a partnership of expanding cooperation and solitary. China will enhance cooperation with Saudi Arabia multilaterally to maintain regional peace and stability and promote common development. To advance regional connectivity and common development, China has launched the initiative of jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (the Belt and Road Initiative). We hope and trust that Saudi Arabia, located at the west crossroads of the Belt and Road, will become an important participant of, contributor to and beneficiary of this initiative.
——我们要做往来密切、交流互鉴的友好伙伴。朋友越交越深。中方愿同沙方扩大教育、新闻、智库、青年等领域交流合作,加强各层次人文交流。欢迎更多沙特朋友到中国走一走、看一看,你们每一个人都可以成为传播中沙友好的使者。-- Let us forge a friendly partnership of frequent exchanges and mutual learning. Frequent exchanges will deepen friendship. China will step up exchange and cooperation with Saudi Arabia in areas such as education, media, think tanks and the youth and enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges and at various levels. I welcome more Saudi Arabians to visit China, and I am sure there is much you can do personally to contribute to China-Saudi Arabia friendship through these visits.
让我们携手努力,共同创造中沙关系更加美好的明天。Let us join hands to deliver an even brighter future for China-Saudi Arabia relations!


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