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Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C., the United States, April 1, 2016. [Xinhua]
国家主席习近平4月1日在美国首都华盛顿举行的第四届核安全峰会上发表重要讲话。讲话全文如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening plenary of the Fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C., the United States, April 1, 2016. The following is the translated version of the full text of the speech: 

加强国际核安全体系 推进全球核安全治理

Strengthen Global Nuclear Security Architecture and Promote Global Nuclear Security Governance
President Xi Jinping's remarks
 At the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C., 1 April 2016

President Obama,
Dear Colleagues,
很高兴同大家聚首华盛顿,共商国际核安全大计。感谢奥巴马总统和美国政府所作的周到安排。It gives me great pleasure to join you in Washington D.C. for this important discussion on international nuclear security. I want to thank President Obama and the US government for the thoughtful arrangements.
60年前,人类和平利用核能事业起步,也从此迈开了加强核安全的步伐。60年来,在国际社会共同努力下,核安全理念深入人心,核安全合作硕果累累,各国核安全能力显著提高。Sixty years ago, humanity started the peaceful use of nuclear energy and embarked on a path to strengthen nuclear security. Over the past 60 years, thanks to the concerted efforts of the international community, the public awareness of nuclear security has been greatly enhanced, nuclear security cooperation has yielded fruitful results, and the nuclear security capability of countries has markedly improved.
始于2010年的核安全峰会,启动了国际核安全事业的助推器。6年一路走来,从确立共同目标,到制定工作重点,再到规划未来蓝图,我们一步一个脚印作出了自己的贡献。The Nuclear Security Summit process, which started in 2010, has provided a major boost to international nuclear security. Six years on, from developing common goals, establishing key priorities to mapping out the blueprint for the future, we have made our solid contribution to this great cause.
两年前,在荷兰海牙举行的第三届核安全峰会上,我提出应坚持理性、协调、并进的核安全观,将核安全进程纳入持续健康发展轨道。我高兴地看到,两年来全球核安全水平又有新的提高。Two years ago, at the Third Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, I suggested that countries should follow a sensible, coordinated and balanced approach to nuclear security, and put it on the track of sound and sustainable development. I am pleased to note that new progress has been made in improving global nuclear security over the past two years.
但是,我们不能故步自封、裹足不前。环顾全球,世界格局正在经历前所未有的深刻演变,安全领域威胁和挑战层出不穷,产生恐怖主义的根源远未消除,核恐怖主义仍然是对国际安全的重大威胁。That being said, we have no reason to be self-complacent and slacken our efforts. Looking around the world, the global landscape is going through profound changes unseen in the past. New threats and challenges keep emerging in the security field. The root causes of terrorism are far from being removed. Nuclear terrorism remains a grave threat to international security.
展望未来,加强国际核安全体系,是核能事业健康发展的基本前提,更是推进全球安全治理、构建新型国际关系、完善世界秩序的重要环节。核安全峰会虽然将落下帷幕,但我们的新征程才刚刚开始。Looking ahead, a more robust global nuclear security architecture is the prerequisite for the sound development of nuclear energy. It is also an important step for promoting global security governance, building a new type of international relations and improving world order. The conclusion of the Nuclear Security Summit will not be the end of our endeavor, rather it will be the beginning of a new journey.
各位同事!Dear Colleagues,
我在海牙峰会上主张构建一个公平、合作、共赢的国际核安全体系。以公平原则固本强基,以合作手段驱动发展,以共赢前景坚定信心,为核能安全造福人类提供强有力、可持续的制度保障。为实现这一远大目标,我们要携手共进,作出新的努力。At the Summit in The Hague, I called for the building of a global nuclear security architecture featuring fairness and win-win cooperation. The principle of fairness secures a strong foundation, a cooperative approach generates momentum for development, while a win-win prospect gives us greater confidence. Together, they will provide strong and sustainable institutional guarantee for mankind to benefit from nuclear energy with security. We should work together and make fresh efforts to realize this grand objective.
——强化政治投入,把握标本兼治方向。作为国家领导人,我们有责任使核安全得到充分重视,有必要对国际反核恐怖主义形势进行经常性审议。要凝聚加强核安全的国际共识,对核恐怖主义零容忍、无差别,推动全面落实核安全法律义务及政治承诺,有效应对新挑战新威胁。-- Stepping up political input and sticking to the direction of addressing both symptoms and root causes. As national leaders, we have the responsibility to ensure that nuclear security gets adequate attention, and it is necessary to assess the international nuclear terrorism situation on a regular basis. We must build international consensus on enhanced nuclear security, have zero-tolerance for nuclear terrorism with no discrimination, push for the full implementation of the legal obligations and political commitments on nuclear security, and give an effective response to new challenges and threats.
求木之长者,必固其根本。寻求治本之道,始终是我们的目标。我们要铭记全人类福祉,构建以合作共赢为核心的新型国际关系,坚定推进全球安全治理,维护和平稳定的国际环境,促进各国普遍发展繁荣,开展和而不同、兼收并蓄的文明交流。惟其如此,才能早日铲除滋生核恐怖主义的土壤。As a Chinese saying goes, for a tree to grow tall, it needs to have deep roots. And we have always wanted to find a solution that addresses the root cause of the problem. We must bear in mind the well-being of humanity, build a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation, steadfastly advance global security governance, uphold a peaceful and stable international environment, promote common development and prosperity of all countries, and facilitate mutual learning and exchanges between different civilizations. Only in this way can we remove the breeding ground of nuclear terrorism at an early date.
——强化国家责任,构筑严密持久防线。发展核能是各国自主选择,确保核安全是各国应尽之责。我们要结合国情,从国家层面部署实施核安全战略,制定中长期核安全发展规划,完善核安全立法和监管机制,并确保相关工作得到足够投入和支持。-- Stepping up national responsibility and tightening up a line of defense that is sustainable. Just as a country makes its own choice to develop nuclear energy, it bears unshirkable responsibility to ensure nuclear security. Taking into account national conditions,we must,at the national level,plan and implement nuclear security strategy, formulate mid-and-long term development plans for nuclear security,improve nuclear security legislation and monitoring mechanism, and ensure that relevant work receives sufficient input and support.
战略布局离不开实际举措支撑。核恐怖主义威胁非对称性和不确定性突出,日常预防和危机应对要双管齐下。一方面,要做到见之于未萌、治之于未乱,筑牢基本防线,排除恐怖分子利用国际网络和金融系统兴风作浪等新风险。另一方面,要制定全方位、分阶段的危机应对预案,准确评估风险,果断处置事态,及时掌控局势。Strategic layout will get nowhere without support of concrete measures. The threat posed by nuclear terrorism is highly asymmetrical and unpredictable. Day-to-day prevention and crisis response must go together. It is important to detect and nip such threats in the bud before they become real and turn into crisis, build a basic line of defense, and prevent new risks whereby terrorists manipulate international network and financial system to stir up trouble. Moreover, it is important to work out crisis response plan which is comprehensive and stage-specific, accurately assess risks, decisively handle incidents, and timely put the situation under control.
——强化国际合作,推动协调并进势头。核恐怖主义是全人类的公敌,核安全事件的影响超越国界。在互联互通时代,没有哪个国家能够独自应对,也没有哪个国家可以置身事外。在尊重各国主权的前提下,所有国家都要参与到核安全事务中来,以开放包容的精神,努力打造核安全命运共同体。-- Stepping up international cooperation and enhancing the momentum of coordination for common progress. Nuclear terrorism is the common enemy of all mankind. Nuclear security incidents will have impacts that go beyond national borders. In the age of connectivity, no country can deal with such problems alone, and no country can stay immune from their impacts. Under the precondition of respect for national sovereignty, all countries should participate in nuclear security affairs, and adopt an open and inclusive spirit to forge a community of shared future on nuclear security.
现有国际组织和机制可作为未来核安全国际合作的坚实平台。我们要以国际原子能机构为核心,协调、整合全球核安全资源,并利用其专业特长服务各国。联合国作为最具普遍性的国际组织,可继续发挥重要作用。其他组织和机制也可以提供有益补充,促进执法等领域务实合作。在此过程中,要照顾广大发展中国家合理诉求,向他们提供援助。Existing international organizations and mechanisms can serve as solid platforms for international cooperation on nuclear security in the future. The IAEA can play a central role to coordinate and consolidate global resources for nuclear security, and use its professional expertise to serve all countries. As the most universal international organization, the United Nations can continue to play an important role. Other organizations and mechanisms can also play a useful,complementary role and promote practical cooperation in law-enforcement and other fields. In this process, it is necessary to accommodate the legitimate demand of developing countries and provide them with assistance.
——强化核安全文化,营造共建共享氛围。加强国际核安全体系,人的因素最为重要。法治意识、忧患意识、自律意识、协作意识是核安全文化的核心,要贯穿到每位从业人员的思想和行动中,使他们知其责、尽其职。-- Stepping up the culture of nuclear security and creating an atmosphere of joint efforts and shared benefits. The human factor is the most important element in the strengthening of global nuclear security architecture. The awareness of the rule of law, the sense of urgency, and the spirit of self-discipline and coordination are central to the nuclear security culture. As such, every one working in this field must follow their guidance in thinking and action so that they will readily understand their responsibilities and fulfill their duties.
学术界和公众树立核安全意识同样重要。我们要鼓励各国智库密切关注国际反核恐怖主义形势,积极开展核安全学术研究,并就加强国际核安全体系、促进各国核安全工作提出更多有价值的建议。我们还要做好核安全知识普及,增进公众对核安全的理解和重视。It is equally important that the academic community and the general public also foster the awareness of nuclear security. We must encourage think tanks of all countries to closely follow the developments of international efforts against nuclear terrorism, actively carry out studies in nuclear security and put forth more valuable recommendations on work to strengthen global nuclear security architecture and enhance all countries' nuclear security. In addition, we must do a good job to spread the knowledge of nuclear security and increase the public understanding of and attention to nuclear security.
各位同事!Dear Colleagues,
作为最大的发展中国家,中国始终在确保安全的前提下,致力于开发利用核能,弥补能源需求缺口,应对气候变化挑战。中国是核电发展最快的国家,同时保持着良好核安全纪录。海牙峰会以来,中国在核安全领域又取得了新进展。As the largest developing country, China has always been committed to development and utilization of nuclear energy while ensuring security in the first place. This is to bridge the gap in energy supply, and address the challenges posed by climate change. China is the country with the fastest growth of nuclear power. At the same time, it has kept a good record of nuclear security. Since the Summit in The Hague, China has made new progress in the field of nuclear security.
——中国奉行精益求精的理念,努力探索加强核安全的有效途径。我们已经将核安全纳入国家总体安全体系,写入国家安全法,明确了对核安全的战略定位。我们不断完善核安全国家法律框架,正在研究颁布原子能法、核安全法。我们制定实施了核安全中长期工作规划,不断健全监管和执法机制,全面开展从业人员能力建设,组织各类型模拟演练,提高应急响应能力。-- In pursuit of excellence through constant improvement, China has strived to explore effective ways to strengthen nuclear security. We have already incorporated nuclear security in China's national security system, written it into the National Security Law and defined its strategic nature. We are constantly improving the national legal framework concerning nuclear security and studying the promulgation of law on atomic energy and law on nuclear security. We have formulated and implemented the mid-to-long term work plan on nuclear security, and we are making efforts to improve monitoring and law-enforcement mechanisms,carry out capacity building for all personnel in this industry and organize various kinds of mock exercises to raise the ability of emergency response.
——中国坚持言出必行的原则,忠实履行国际义务和政治承诺。中国已经批准核安全领域所有国际法律文书,一贯严格执行安理会相关决议,积极支持和参与核安全国际倡议。海牙峰会上,我承诺的国家核安全示范中心已经提前一年竣工并在北京投入运营;中国原子能科学研究院高浓铀微堆已经顺利完成改造,开始使用更为安全的低浓铀燃料;中国协助加纳改造其高浓铀微堆的项目也取得了积极进展。-- Keeping its promise on nuclear security, China has fulfilled its international obligations and political commitment. China has ratified all the international legal instruments in the field of nuclear security, consistently and strictly implemented related Security Council resolutions, and actively supported and participated in international initiatives on nuclear security. The Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security I promised at the Summit in The Hague has been completed a year ahead of schedule and is now operational in Beijing; the HEU-fueled Miniature Neutron Source Reactor (MNSR) of the China Institute of Atomic Energy has been smoothly converted to start using safer LEU fuels; and positive progress has been made in the Chinese-assisted program to convert a HEU-fueled research reactor in Ghana.
——中国心怀合作共赢的愿景,积极推动国际交流合作。中国坚定支持国际原子能机构执行核安全行动计划,逐步增加向核安全基金的捐款。中国和国际原子能机构已经商定,将于今年正式启动实施首次实物保护咨询服务。今年2月,中国和美国成功举行了首次年度核安全对话。我们也将深化同其他国家以及联合国、打击核恐怖主义全球倡议等的交流合作。-- Aspiring for win-win cooperation, China is vigorously promoting international exchanges and cooperation. China firmly supports the IAEA in implementing the Action Plan on Nuclear Safety and will increase donations to the Nuclear Security Fund. China and the IAEA have agreed to officially start implementing the first International Physical Protection Advisory Service this year. This February, China and the US successfully held the first annual Nuclear Security Dialogue. We will also deepen our exchanges and cooperation with other countries, the UN and the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism.
中国将继续加强本国核安全,同时将积极推进核安全国际合作,分享技术和经验,贡献资源和平台。我宣布:While stepping up its own nuclear security, China will actively advance related international cooperation, share its technologies and expertise and contribute resources and platforms. I hereby announce:
第一,中国将构建核安全能力建设网络。我们将利用国家核安全示范中心、中国海关辐射探测培训中心等现有平台,开展核安全从业人员培训、核安全技术演练和交流等活动。我们欢迎亚太国家、“一带一路”沿线国家和其他发展中国家参与相关项目,并将同国际原子能机构等保持紧密合作。First, China will build a network for capacity building on nuclear security. We will use existing platforms including the Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security and the China Customs Radiation Detection Training Center to carry out training of nuclear security professionals, exercises and exchanges regarding nuclear security technologies and other activities. We welcome the participation of Asia Pacific countries, countries along the Belt and Road and other developing countries in relevant projects and will stay in close cooperation with the IAEA.
第二,中国将推广减少高浓铀合作模式。我们支持各国根据本国需要,在经济和技术条件可行的情况下,尽量减少使用高浓铀。我们愿在“加纳模式”基础上,本着自愿务实的原则,协助有关国家改造从中国进口的高浓铀微堆。我们还将总结改造高浓铀微堆的多方合作模式,供其他有兴趣的国家参考。Second, China will promote cooperation model for less use of HEU. We support all countries in minimizing the use of HEU according to their needs as long as it is economically and technologically viable. We are willing to build on the Ghana model and help countries convert HEU-fueled MNSR imported from China under the principle of voluntarism and pragmatism. We will present to other interested countries the multi-party cooperation model for converting HEU-fueled MNSR for their reference.
第三,中国将实施加强放射源安全行动计划。为防止各国数量庞大的放射源被恐怖分子觊觎,我们将在未来5年内,进一步梳理境内放射源情况,健全安保制度,重点实现对高风险移动放射源的实时监控。我们愿同其他国家分享经验,共同提高放射源安全监管水平。Third, China will implement the action plan on strengthening security of radioactive sources. To prevent the large amount of radioactive sources from falling into the hands of terrorists, we will, in the coming five years, review the radioactive sources within China, improve the security system and give priority to conducting real-time monitoring of high-risk mobile radioactive sources. We stand ready to share our experience with other countries and work with them to enhance the security monitoring of radioactive sources.
第四,中国将启动应对核恐怖危机技术支持倡议。我们将同有意愿的国家和组织一道,开展民用核材料分析、溯源等领域的科学研究,积极组织模拟演练,共同提升危机应对能力。Fourth, China will launch the technological support initiative against crisis of nuclear terrorism. We will, together with like-minded countries and organizations, carry out scientific research in the fields of civilian nuclear material analysis and tracing, actively organize mock exercises and jointly enhance our capacity for addressing crisis.
第五,中国将推广国家核电安全监管体系。中国实施最严格的安全监管,确保中国境内和对外出口的核电站安全可靠、万无一失。我们将依托国家核与辐射安全监管技术研发中心,帮助有需要的国家提升安全监管能力,为提高全球核电安全水平作出贡献。Fifth, China will promote its national security monitoring system for nuclear power. China applies the most stringent security monitoring to ensure the safety and security of the nuclear power stations within China and those exported to other parts of the world. Nothing is left to chance. Relying on the National Research and Development Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety and Security Monitoring Technologies, we will help others enhance their capacity in security monitoring and contribute our share to enhancing nuclear power safety and security worldwide.
各位同事!Dear Colleagues,
春生夏长,秋收冬藏。有耕耘必有收获。只要我们精诚合作,持续加强核安全,核能造福人类的前景必将更加光明!What we plant in spring will blossom in summer, come to fruition in autumn and sustain us throughout the winter. The more we plough, the more we will gain. As long as we cooperate in good faith and continue to step up nuclear security, nuclear energy will certainly deliver a brighter future to mankind.


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