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十八、问:有一个问题希望您能够比较坦诚地回答,我多次提到美国,还提到了美国国防部长卡特对中国的批评,但您在回答中并没有点名美国,您是故意这样做的吗?(因为)这样做会挑衅到美国吗?Question 18: I hope you will give a straightforward answer to this question. I mentioned several times the United States and Defense Secretary Carter's criticism of China. Yet you didn't name the United States in your answer. Did you do it deliberately to avoid provoking the United States?
王毅:该表态的时候我们一定会非常明确、清晰地把我们的立场表达出来。你刚才几次谈到美国,实际上我也向你做了明确的说明。是谁在这个地区大搞军事演习?谁把大量的先进武器派到南海,而且在不断地构建新的军事基地?我想这个国家不言自明,当然就是美国。Wang Yi: We will articulate our position very clearly when it's necessary to do so. You asked about the United States several times and I gave a clear answer already. Who is engaging in massive military exercises in this region? Who is sending a lot of advanced weaponry to the South China Sea and building new military bases? The answer is all too clear: the United States.
十九、问:刚才您说,阿拉伯国家没有真空,他们应该自己填补自己的真空。我读过您的简历,发现您成长在中国高速发展时期,中国实现了自己的梦想,实现了振兴,您是成长在“中国梦”之中的。我想了解您对阿拉伯国家的振兴有哪些建议?应该采取哪些步骤、哪些方法才能实现像中国一样的发展?Question 19: You said just now that there is no vacuum in the Arab states, and if there ever is, it is their responsibility to fill it. I have looked at your personal experience and found you grow up witnessing China's rapid development, a period when China's dream of national renewal is coming true. So you have been part of the Chinese dream. I would like to hear about your suggestions on how Arab states can revitalize their countries. What steps are needed to realize the kind of growth that China has registered?
王毅:阿拉伯民族是勤劳智慧的民族,阿拉伯人民曾经创造出辉煌的文明,为人类进步事业作出了重大历史性贡献,我们始终对阿拉伯国家的发展持一个非常乐观的态度。再加上你们有广阔的市场、丰富的资源,完全具备了进一步发展振兴的条件。我们主张各国应该找到一条符合自身国情、符合自己发展阶段,同时又能够被本国人民接受和拥护的发展道路。这样的发展才能走得长久,才能真正发挥它的作用。生搬硬套外面的东西,往往是水土不服,域外势力的干涉更会带来各种各样严重的后遗症。所以作为阿拉伯国家的朋友,我们希望阿拉伯各国能够团结起来,相互帮助、相互支持,共同振兴阿拉伯世界,为人类发展进步事业作出新的贡献。Wang Yi: The Arabs are industrious and resourceful people, who created brilliant civilizations and contributed greatly to the advancement of mankind. We have always been very optimistic about the development of the Arab states. In addition, their huge market and abundant resources put them in a good position for further development. We believe that each country needs to find a path best suited to its national conditions and development stage, one that can be accepted and supported by its people. Only such a path can lead to long-term sustained development. Other countries' experience may not fit our own national conditions. Still worse, external interference often creates serious complications. So as a friend, we hope to see Arab states come together and help and support each other to jointly revitalize the Arab world and make fresh contribution to the development of mankind.
至于每一个国家,都有不同的情况,需要每一个国家自己来实践。就中国而言,我们的成功之处就是找到了一条符合中国国情的发展道路,这就是中国特色社会主义。中国特色社会主义的实践非常丰富,最简要地来讲,就是我们这几十年很好地处理了发展、改革和稳定三者的关系。首先,全国上上下下,从我们执政党开始就确定一个目标,叫做聚精会神搞建设,一心一意谋发展,因为我们认为发展是解决中国存在所有问题的一个总钥匙。怎么实现发展呢?这就需要稳定,稳定是发展的前提。所以我们把维护稳定作为重要的任务,要维护国家的稳定,维护制度的稳定,维护政策的稳定,维护各个民族、各个地区的稳定。只有有了稳定这个前提,我们的发展才是有可能的。同时,我们还有另外一条,就是改革,因为发展需要动力,动力就来自于改革,通过改革不断发掘新的空间,发挥新的潜力,开辟新的前景。总之,正是我们处理好了发展、改革和稳定三者的辩证统一关系,才在过去基础之上,取得了新的快速发展。当然,这是中国的一些做法,供阿拉伯国家参考,我们可以进行这种经验交流。As conditions vary from country to country, it is up to each country itself to explore the best way for it. As for China, its biggest achievement is that it has found a path suited to its reality, which is socialism with Chinese characteristics and China has accumulated rich experience in this process. Put simply, for the past few decades, we have struck a balance between development, reform and stability. First, the whole nation, starting from the governing party, is committed to the overriding goal of achieving development. Because we believe that development holds the key to solving all the problems facing China. How to achieve development? It requires stability, which is a precondition for development. That is why maintaining stability is an important task for us. We need to safeguard stability of our country, our system, our policy, and all ethnic groups and regions. Development would be out of the question without a stable environment. We also need reform as it provides the driving force and creates new space, potential and prospect for development. In short, it is because we have managed to balance development, reform and stability that we have gone this far and this fast. Of course, this is just China's experience. We would be happy to share it with Arab states and have further discussions in the future.
二十、问:您将去多哈出席第七届部长级会议,中国同阿拉伯国家关系很好,如果阿拉伯国家提出同中国在和平利用核能方面进行合作的话,中国是否会同他们进行合作呢?Question 20: You will soon go to Doha for the 7th Ministerial Meeting, and we know that China and Arab states enjoy good relations. Will China say yes, if Arab states propose to cooperate with China the peaceful use of nuclear energy?
王毅:我想完全可以。习主席曾经提出一个重要的合作倡议,就是建立一个中阿和平利用核能的培训中心。我们愿意同阿拉伯国家开展这方面的合作。Wang Yi: My answer will be a definite "yes". Actually President Xi has already put forward an important initiative to set up a China-Arab training center for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. We are ready to cooperate with Arab states in this regard.
二十一、问:我再回到“一带一路”。“一带一路”如果能够得到真正实施,那么它会改变整个国际贸易和国际关系面貌吗?Question 21: Let me come back to the "Belt and Road" Initiative. Will this initiative, if fully implemented, reshape the entire landscape of global trade and international relations?
王毅:“一带一路”本质是个经济合作的倡议,寻求的是共同发展和共同繁荣。如果欧亚大陆得到振兴,如果沿线发展中国家都得到新的发展,当然也会改变世界力量对比,会使世界发展得更加平衡、公平,这当然是一件好事。“一带一路”的推进也可以增强发展中国家话语权,使我们可以有更多的力量、更大的能力维护好地区和平稳定,并且能够为世界的和平稳定作出贡献。Wang Yi: In essence, the "Belt and Road" is an economic initiative for common development and prosperity. If through its implementation, the Eurasian continent can achieve revival and developing countries along the routes can realize development, then the balance of power will be changed and global development will be more balanced and equitable. This, of course, will be something good. The "Belt and Road" will also give developing countries a stronger voice and make us more capable and powerful to safeguard regional peace and stability, and contribute to peace and stability of the whole world.
二十二、问:您作为中国外长,现在您桌上最重要的外交事务是什么呢?Question 22: As China's foreign minister, what is on top of the diplomatic agenda on your table?
王毅:首先就是到卡塔尔出席中阿合作论坛第七届部长级会议。当然,今年我们一个很重要的活动就是9月份将在中国召开二十国集团峰会。Wang Yi: The immediate one is to attend the 7th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in Qatar. But I should say a very important event for us this year is the G20 Summit to be held in China in September.
这个峰会是在一个关键的节点召开的。虽然国际金融危机最困难的时候已经过去了,但世界经济仍然低迷不振,大家对前景并不乐观。各国采取了很多刺激经济的政策,但边际效应明显下降。比如财经政策,很多国家都已经债台高筑,没有更多空间了。再比如货币政策,一些国家都已经到了零利率甚至负利率,也不可能再进一步推行。所以大家都把目光聚焦在中国召开的这次峰会上,期待峰会拿出一个振兴世界经济的新方案。我们正在跟各国协商,阿拉伯国家也有2个国家领导人将与会,我们愿意同阿拉伯国家进一步沟通。This Summit will be taking place at a crucial moment, where the most difficult period of the international financial crisis is behind us, but the world economy remains sluggish and people are not really optimistic about the economic prospects. Countries have introduced an array of stimulus policies, but the marginal effects of these policies are declining markedly. Take fiscal and economic policies as an example, many countries already have a high level of debts. There is no additional room for maneuvering. If we look at monetary policies, the interest rate is already zero or even negative in some countries and further adjustment is no longer possible. That's why people are now turning their eyes to the upcoming Summit in China, looking forward to a new formula to come out of the meeting that could reinvigorate the world economy. We are now working with all relevant countries. Two heads of Arab states will be attending the summit this time and we are ready to have further consultation with Arab countries.
我们认为,首先要用创新来发掘世界经济新的增长动能,因为旧的动能已经开始衰落了,这个新的动能要靠创新激发,比如新工业革命、大数据革命,所以我们希望这次二十国集团峰会能够制订一个全球创新增长蓝图。As we see it, we need first and foremost to explore new drivers of world economy through innovation, as the old driving forces are losing steam. These new drivers rely on innovation, including new industrial and big data revolution. And this is why we are working on a G20 Blueprint on Innovative Growth for the world economy to be adopted by the G20 this time around.
第二,我们希望今年的二十国集团峰会把发展引入议程中。这不仅因为中国是最大的发展中国家,还有一个更重要的原因是今年是联合国通过2030年可持续发展议程的第一年,我们要为广大发展中国家谋利,呼吁二十国集团这些最主要国家率先落实可持续发展议程,制订一个总体规划,包括国别行动计划,从而带动整个世界的共同发展。Second, we hope development will be incorporated into the G20 agenda this year, not only because we are the largest developing country, but more importantly, this is the inaugural year of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations. We need to champion the interests of the vast developing world, and call upon major G20 countries to take the lead in implementing the SDGs. We need to formulate a general action plan including national actions, to boost common development of the world.
第三,我们希望这个会议讨论改革,特别是结构性改革。全球各国都呼吁要进行结构性改革,这方面改革力度最大也是最有成效的就是中国。我们愿意跟各国分享结构性改革的经验做法,通过改革进一步完善全球经济和金融治理机制。Third, we hope to include reform, in particular structural reform, in the discussion at the Summit. Countries around the world are calling for structural reform, and China's reform in this regard has been the most effective and successful. We will be happy to share our experience and practice with the rest of the world, with a view to improving the world economic and financial governance architecture through reform.
此外,我们还希望进一步激活贸易和投资潜力。我们反对一切形式的贸易保护主义,希望维护以世界贸易组织为代表的多边贸易体制。我们不赞成搞碎片式相互隔离、甚至相互封闭的各种区域安排。同时我们也希望大家能够开始启动探讨是不是需要一个全球性的、大家能够共同遵守的投资指导原则或者指导规范。迄今为止,还没有这方面的尝试。当然,我们还希望通过二十国集团峰会在全球反腐败问题上进一步加大国际合作力度,包括追逃追赃等。In addition, we hope to further stimulate trade and investment. We oppose all forms of trade protectionism and will work to safeguard the multilateral trading regime represented by the WTO. We are against fragmenting regional trading arrangements, which result in isolation or even mutual exclusion. We do hope we can start the process to explore whether there is the need for a globally binding guideline or norm for investment. So far there is yet to be any attempt in this regard. Of course, we would also hope to step up international anti-corruption cooperation under the G20, including on the repatriation of fugitives and recovery of illegal assets.
总而言之,今年的二十国集团峰会是我们很重要的一项工作,我们希望并相信本届二十国集团会议能够开好、开成功,取得重要成果,并在二十国集团进程中留下深刻印记,推动二十国集团从一个危机应对平台向长期治理机制进一步升级。In conclusion, the G20-related work this year is of great importance to us. We hope and believe that this year's G20 will be successful and produce important outcomes, leaving an indelible mark on the G20 process, and further facilitating its transition from a crisis response platform to a long-term governance mechanism.
二十三:问:您如何看待未来中国同阿拉伯国家之间的关系?Question 23: What do you see of the future of China-Arab relations?
王毅:中国跟阿拉伯国家关系前景非常好。因为首先我们有着传统友好,第二我们都是发展中国家,有着广泛共同利益,第三我们没有地缘冲突。就像我的一位阿拉伯朋友说的,中国是唯一一个没有干涉过阿拉伯世界的大国。这恰恰是我们的政策,是我们的外交理念,我们对此引以为豪。再一个,中国和阿拉伯国家共同建设“一带一路”,将会进一步实现利益融合,实现中国同阿拉伯国家的共同发展。Wang Yi: I do believe we have a very promising future, because first, we enjoy traditional friendship; second, we are all developing countries with broad common interests; and third, we do not have any geopolitical conflict. As one of my Arab friends once said, China is the only major country that has never interfered in the Arab world. This is exactly our policy and our diplomatic philosophy, which we take pride in. Moreover, with China and Arab states partnering on the "Belt and Road" initiative, our interests will further converge, which will go a long way towards achieving common development.
目前影响阿拉伯国家发展的问题主要是地区热点问题,我们愿意本着不干涉内政原则,更加建设性地参与到热点问题的解决过程中。而且我们的方向非常明确,不管出现什么情况,我们都会坚持政治解决,都坚持鼓励和支持阿拉伯国家通过自己的努力解决自身存在的问题。无论是叙利亚问题,还是利比亚问题、也门问题,我们认为只要这个国家的各种政治力量坐在一起进行认真谈判,就没有任何恩怨是不能够消弥的。The current obstacles standing in the way of Arab countries' development are regional hotspots. To address that, China is willing to contribute more to their settlement in a constructive manner on the basis of the non-interference principle. Our approach is very clear. No matter what happens, we will stick to political settlement and will encourage and support Arab states in solving their problems through their own efforts. Be it the Syria issue, the Libya issue or Yemen issue, as long as all the relevant political forces in the country can sit down and have serious talk, there will be no grievance that cannot be resolved.
阿拉伯国家是最了解这个地区的,我们鼓励阿拉伯国家特别是阿盟能够为这个地区的热点问题解决发挥积极作用。至于域外国家,我们当然更愿意看到以联合国为主渠道,为阿拉伯国家解决问题营造一个更好的外部环境,形成一个国际社会理解和支持的外部氛围。我认为并且相信,阿拉伯国家各国人民一定能够克服暂时的困难,共同开辟阿拉伯地区新的未来,在这个进程中,中国是你们最可靠、最友好的合作伙伴。Arab states know this region the best. We encourage Arab states, especially the Arab League, to play an active role in the settlement of regional hotspots. We will be more than happy to see that through the main channel of the UN, countries outside the region will create a better environment for Arab states to address the problems, thus bringing about a favorable atmosphere of international understanding and support. We believe and are confident that the people of Arab states will surmount the current difficulties and usher in a new future for the region. In this process, China will be your best friend and most reliable partner.

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