White Paper: China's Space Activities in 2016

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四、发展政策与措施IV. Policies and Measures for Development
中国政府积极制定实施发展航天事业的政策与措施,提供有力政策保障,营造良好发展环境,推动航天事业持续健康快速发展。The Chinese government has formulated policies and measures to support the space industry and create favorable conditions for its sustainable, sound and rapid development.
中国国家航天局是中华人民共和国负责民用航天管理及国际空间合作的政府机构,履行政府相应的管理职责。The China National Space Administration is the government agency in charge of China's civil space activities and international space cooperation, and performs corresponding functions of administration.
(一)科学部署各项航天活动1. Space activities rationally arranged
优先安排空间基础设施建设及应用,积极支持空间探索和空间科学研究,持续提升进入和利用空间能力,不断增强空间安全保障能力。Priority is given to the construction and application of space infrastructure, alongside support for space exploration and space science research, in China's ongoing efforts to expand its capacity to enter and utilize space and enhance guarantee for space security.
(二)大幅提升航天创新能力2. Space innovation greatly enhanced
实施一批航天重大工程和重大科技项目,推动航天科技跨越发展,带动国家科技整体跃升。A number of major projects and scientific and technological programs have been implemented to promote significant progress of space science and technology, and enhance the overall level of China's science and technology.
明确各类创新主体功能定位,建立政产学研用一体的航天协同创新体系,构建航天技术创新联盟和产业创新联盟,围绕产业链打造创新链。The roles of various players are clearly defined in the formation of a framework of innovation featuring the coordinated efforts of the government, enterprises, universities, research institutions and consumers, and the creation of technical and industrial innovation partnerships, so as to shape a chain of innovation to match the overall industrial chain.
推动建设航天领域研究基地(平台),超前部署战略性、基础性、前瞻性科学研究和技术攻关,大幅提升原始创新能力,打造国家科技创新高地。Efforts are being made to build a space research base and plan in advance strategic, fundamental and forward-looking research projects to tackle key technical problems, so as to substantially increase China's capacity for original innovation and create a state-of-art platform in this field.
加强航天技术二次开发,推动航天科技成果转化应用,辐射带动国民经济发展。The customization development of space technologies has been enhanced to put research findings into industrial production and lead national economic development.
(三)全面推动航天工业能力转型升级3. Space industry capacity transformed and upgraded
构建基于系统集成商、专业承包商、市场供应商和公共服务机构,根植于国民经济、融合开放的航天科研生产组织体系。Efforts are constantly being made to build an integrated and open system comprising system integrators, specialized contractors, market suppliers and public service providers, based on the national economy and covering all links from scientific research to production.
实施强基工程,突破关键材料、核心零部件、先进工艺等基础瓶颈,强化标准、计量等体系建设。A project to reinforce space science infrastructure has got off the ground with the goal of removing the basic bottlenecks and obstacles concerning key materials, core spare parts and advanced technology, and improving such systems as standards and measurements.
加快推进工业化与信息化的深度融合,实现航天工业能力向数字化、网络化、智能化转型。Information technology has been further applied to make space industry capacity more digitalized, Internet- and artificial intelligence-based.
(四)加快发展卫星应用产业4. Satellite application industry accelerated
完善卫星应用产业发展政策,健全国家标准与质量体系,建立健全卫星数据共享等配套机制,完善卫星数据和资源共享平台,实现卫星数据和资源共享共用,形成卫星应用产业发展的良好环境,提升卫星应用整体效益。Industrial policies related to satellite application, and national standards and quality systems have been improved. Supportive mechanisms for satellite data sharing have been established and improved, and platforms for sharing satellite data and resources upgraded to create a satisfactory environment for the satellite application industry and boost the overall performance of satellite application.
培育卫星应用产业集群和应用市场,完善卫星应用产业链。加强卫星融合应用技术开发,推动卫星应用与互联网、大数据、物联网等新兴产业融合发展,打造新产品、新技术、新业态,培育新的经济增长点,助力“大众创业、万众创新”。Industrial clusters and markets for satellite application are being cultivated to improve the industrial chain. Development for integration application of satellite technologies is being encouraged to promote the integrated development of satellite application with the Internet, big data, Internet of Things and other emerging industries, so as to create new products, new technologies, new modes of business and new points of growth, and give impetus to the mass entrepreneurship and innovation.
(五)着力加强法律法规体系建设5. Relevant legislative work strengthened
加快推进以航天法立法为核心的法制航天建设,研究制定空间数据与应用管理条例、宇航产品与技术出口管理条例等法规,完善航天发射项目许可管理、空间物体登记管理、科研生产许可管理等法规,依法指导和规范各类航天活动,为航天强国建设提供有力法制保障。Efforts have been made to accelerate the formation of a legal system centering on the legislation of a national law to govern the space industry, including studying and formulating regulations on space data and their application management, the management of the export of astronautic products and technologies. The regulations in force on permits for space launch projects, registration of space-related items, and permits for scientific and technological research and production have been improved to guide and regulate various space-related activities in accordance with the law, which provides legal guarantee for building China's space industry.
加强国际空间法研究,积极参与外空国际规则制定。China has undertaken studies of international space law, and actively participated in the formulation of international rules regarding outer space.
(六)健全完善航天多元化投入体系6. System of diverse funding improved
进一步明确政府投资范围,优化政府投资安排方式,规范政府投资管理,保持政府对航天活动经费支持的持续稳定。The scope of government investment is being clearly specified, the way in which such investment is arranged is optimized and investment management is regulated, and sustainable and steady government financial support for space activities is guaranteed.
进一步完善准入和退出机制,建立航天投资项目清单管理制度,鼓励引导民间资本和社会力量有序参与航天科研生产、空间基础设施建设、空间信息产品服务、卫星运营等航天活动,大力发展商业航天。The mechanism for market access and withdrawal has been improved. A list of investment projects in the space industry has been introduced for better management in this regard. Non-governmental capital and other social sectors are encouraged to participate in space-related activities, including scientific research and production, space infrastructure, space information products and services, and use of satellites to increase the level of commercialization of the space industry.
推动政府与社会资本合作,完善政府购买航天产品与服务机制。The government has increased its cooperation with private investors, and the mechanism for government procurement of astronautic products and services has been improved.
(七)加快建设高水平航天人才队伍7. Training of professionals for the space industry strengthened
完善人才培养、评价、流动、激励等机制,依托重大工程和重大项目,加强战略科学家、科技领军人才、企业家人才和高技能人才队伍建设,培养国际合作专业人才,形成一支结构合理、素质优良的航天人才队伍。The mechanisms related to the training, assessment, flow of and incentives for professional personnel are being improved in an effort to form a well-structured contingent of highly qualified personnel in the course of construction of important projects and major programs, which consists of strategic scientists, leading researchers and technicians, entrepreneurs and high-caliber professionals, as well as experts in international cooperation.
(八)大力开展航天科普教育8. Knowledge about space science disseminated
积极组织开展“中国航天日”系列活动,并充分利用“世界空间周”“全国科技活动周”等平台,大力开展航天科普教育,普及航天知识,宣传航天文化,弘扬航天精神,激发全民尤其是青少年崇尚科学、探索未知、敢于创新的热情,吸引更多的优秀人才投身航天事业。Events have been organized around "China Space Day," "World Space Week" and "Science and Technology Week" to disseminate knowledge and culture about space, promote the "Spirit of the Manned Space Program," inspire the nation, especially its young people, to develop an interest in science, explore the unknown and make innovations, and attract more people into China's space industry.
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