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7月5日,国家主席习近平在柏林同德国总理默克尔举行会谈。[新华社 谢环驰 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) holds talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, capital of Germany, July 5, 2017. (Xinhua/Xie Huanchi)
7月4日,在对德意志联邦共和国进行国事访问之际,国家主席习近平在德国主流媒体发表题为《为了一个更加美好的世界》的署名文章。文章如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday published a signed article titled "To Make the World a Better Place" on mainstream German media ahead of his state visit to Germany, where he will also attend the upcoming summit of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies. The following is the full text of the article:


To Make the World a Better Place
Xi Jinping
President of the People's Republic of China

盛夏时节,我很高兴再次对德国进行国事访问,并出席二十国集团领导人汉堡峰会。It gives me great pleasure to pay a state visit to Germany again and attend the G20 Hamburg Summit in the height of summer.
这次访问恰逢中德建交45周年。45年来,中德关系发展总体顺利,务实合作不断加深。2014年我首次对德国进行国事访问期间,双方一致同意将两国关系提升为全方位战略伙伴关系,翻开了中德关系新篇章。My visit coincides with the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Germany. Forty-five years on, our two countries have seen smooth progress in bilateral ties and deepened practical cooperation across the board. During my first state visit to Germany in 2014, the two sides agreed to elevate our relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership, opening a new chapter in the history of China-Germany relations.
——中德关系战略性不断提升。两国高层互访频密,增进了相互了解、理解和政治互信。2014年双方发表《中德合作行动纲要:共塑创新》,成为指导两国关系中长期发展的纲领性文件。目前,双方已经建立包括中德政府磋商在内70多个不同层级的对话合作机制,尤其是中德外交与安全战略对话,中德高级别财金、人文、安全对话机制,中德经济顾问委员会等相继启动,充实了中德全方位战略伙伴关系的内涵。中德合作也逐渐向航空航天、海洋、极地、网络等空间延伸。-- The strategic importance of China-Germany relationship continues to grow. Frequent exchanges of high-level visits have boosted mutual understanding and political mutual trust between our two countries. The Joint Program of Action on Cooperation: Shaping Innovation Together published in 2014 has become a master plan guiding the medium-to-long-term development of bilateral ties. The two sides have established the inter-governmental consultation as well as more than 70 other dialogue and cooperation mechanisms at various levels. In particular, the establishment of mechanisms such as the strategic dialogue on diplomacy and security, high level economic and financial dialogue, people-to-people dialogue, security dialogue and the economic advisory committee have added new dimensions to our comprehensive strategic partnership. Our cooperation has also been extended to areas such as space, ocean, the polar regions and cyberspace.
——中德务实合作成果丰硕。德国已连续42年保持中国在欧洲最大贸易伙伴地位。据德方统计,2016年,中德双边贸易额1700亿欧元,中国首次成为德国最大贸易伙伴。德国是欧洲对华技术转让最多的国家,截至2017年5月,中国从德国引进技术合同累计金额768.2亿美元。中德投资合作由“单行道”进入“双向快车道”。杜伊斯堡、汉堡等城市已成为中欧班列在欧洲的重要枢纽。中德务实合作不仅在中欧关系中发挥着重要引领作用,也成为全球最重要经济体开展互利共赢合作的典范。-- China-Germany practical cooperation is yielding rich fruits. Germany has stayed as China's largest trading partner in Europe for 42 years in a row. According to German statistics, two-way trade reached 170 billion euros in 2016 and China became Germany's largest trading partner for the first time. Germany ranks the top among European countries in terms of technology transfer to China. As of May 2017, China signed with Germany a total of 76.82 billion dollars worth of technology transfer contracts. China-Germany investment cooperation has moved from a one-way street onto a two-way express lane. Cities such as Duisburg and Hamburg have become major hubs on the routes of China-Europe freight trains. Practical cooperation between China and Germany not only sets the pace for China-Europe relations, but also serves as a successful model of win-win cooperation between the world's most important economies.
——中德人文交流蓬勃发展。2013年以来,两国相继举行语言年、创新伙伴年、青少年交流年等大型交流年活动。中国在德国已开设中国文化中心以及19所孔子学院、4所孔子课堂,德国歌德学院、德意志学术交流中心等在华机构也积极致力于中德人文交流。超过4万名中国学生在德国学习,是德国最大的外国留学生群体;在华德国专家多达3万人,德国留学生也达到8200人。2016年,中德人员往来超过200万人次。两国地方交流频密,目前已建立91对友好省州(市)关系。2016年11月,中德签署了多项足球合作协议,两国足球合作迈出新步伐。-- China-Germany cultural and people-to-people exchanges are flourishing. Since 2013, the two countries have successfully held major events ranging from the language year, the year of innovation partnership to the year of youth exchange. China has set up the China Culture Center, 19 Confucius institutes and four Confucius classrooms in Germany, while German institutes in China such as the Goethe-Institut and the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst have also been actively engaged in cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two sides. The 40,000 plus Chinese students studying in Germany make up Germany's largest group of international students, and there are over 30,000 German experts and 8,200 German students studying in China. More than two million people traveled between China and Germany in 2016. With 91 pairs of sister provinces/states and cities between us, our two countries also enjoy frequent and close exchanges at the subnational level. In November 2016, the two countries signed multiple agreements on football cooperation, marking new progress in this area.
当前,人类社会正处在一个大发展大变革大调整时代。世界多极化、经济全球化、社会信息化、文化多样化深入发展,人类已经成为你中有我、我中有你的命运共同体。同时,我们也处在一个挑战频发的世界,地区热点持续动荡,恐怖主义蔓延肆虐,和平赤字、发展赤字、治理赤字是摆在全人类面前的严峻挑战。Human society is undergoing great development, profound changes and major adjustments. The trends towards multi-polarity, economic globalization, application of information technologies in societies and cultural diversity have gained greater momentum. While mankind increasingly find ourselves in a community of shared future, we also live in a world fraught with challenges. Regional hotspots, the spread of terrorism, the deficits in peace, development and governance all pose grave challenges to the entire humanity.
中国和德国作为世界第二和第四大经济体、主要贸易大国、具有重要影响力的国家,中德两国要发展好自己,也要对世界和地区和平、稳定、繁荣肩负起重要责任。As the world's second and fourth largest economies and key trading nations with major influence, China and Germany, while pursuing our own development, also need to shoulder important responsibility of promoting regional and international peace, stability and prosperity.
我这次访问德国的一个重要任务就是同施泰因迈尔总统、默克尔总理等德国领导人就新形势下如何抓住机遇、更好统筹推进中德全方位战略伙伴关系深入交换意见,推动中德关系在高水平上得到更大发展。An important task of my visit is to have in-depth discussions with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German leaders on how to seize the opportunities under the new circumstances to advance our comprehensive strategic partnership in a more coordinated manner with a view to elevating China-Germany relationship to a higher level.
我们要加强对两国关系的顶层设计,以更加宽广的胸襟和开阔的视野谋划两国关系发展蓝图。发挥各层级机制性对话的引领作用,就双边关系及重大国际和地区问题加强战略沟通。通过平等对话和友好协商妥善处理分歧,在涉及彼此核心利益和重大关切问题上相互理解和支持。We need to strengthen the top-level planning of our relations and draft the blueprint of its future growth with a more open mind and a broader vision. We need to let our dialogue mechanisms at different levels play a leading role and enhance strategic communication on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues. We need to properly handle differences through equal-footed dialogue and friendly consultation and give each other understanding and support on issues concerning our respective core interests and major concerns.
我们要以开拓创新和开放包容的思维,加强“中国制造2025”同德国的“工业4.0”战略对接。营造双向开放、公平竞争的投资环境,深化创新、互联网、智能制造、金融、能源、环保、绿色发展等领域务实合作,拓展第三方市场合作。加强两国在“一带一路”建设框架内合作,共同为沿线国家的安全、稳定、繁荣作出贡献。We need to enhance strategic synergy between "Made in China 2025" and Germany's "Industry 4.0" with a pioneering, innovative, open and inclusive approach, foster an investment environment of two-way openness and fair competition, deepen practical cooperation in such fields as innovation, the Internet, smart manufacturing, finance, energy, environmental protection and green development, and expand cooperation in third markets. We also need to step up cooperation within the "Belt and Road" framework and jointly contribute to security, stability and prosperity of countries along the routes.
我们要发挥高级别人文交流对话机制的统筹协调作用,深化教育、文化、科技、旅游、卫生、智库、媒体、足球等领域合作,实施签证等便利化措施,拉近两国民众距离。我很高兴这次访问期间将同默克尔总理一道出席柏林动物园大熊猫馆开馆活动,希望已经抵达柏林的这对大熊猫成为中德友谊的使者。We need to harness the coordination role of the High-Level People-to-People Exchange Dialogue Mechanism, deepen cooperation in education, culture, science and technology, tourism, health, think tanks, media, football and other fields, implement visa-related and other facilitation measures and bring our two peoples closer to each other. I am delighted that, during the visit, I will join Chancellor Angela Merkel at the opening of the Panda Garden at Zoo Berlin. I hope this pair of giant pandas who have already arrived in Berlin will serve as envoys of China-Germany friendship.
我们要加强双方在联合国、国际货币基金组织、世界贸易组织、亚洲基础设施投资银行等国际组织和机构中的相互协作和配合,共同致力于国际机制和规则的改进和完善,为维护地区稳定和世界和平、促进世界经济健康发展、推动构建人类命运共同体作出应有贡献。We need to step up our coordination and cooperation at the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other international organizations and institutions, commit ourselves to the betterment of international mechanisms and rules and make due contribution to upholding regional stability and world peace, promoting healthy growth of the world economy and forging a community of shared future for mankind.
去年9月,在美丽的西子湖畔,在二十国集团领导人杭州峰会上,中方同各方凝聚共识,达成一系列创新性成果,为推动世界经济强劲、可持续、平衡、包容增长作出了重要贡献。Last September, at the G20 Hangzhou Summit by the beautiful West Lake, China and other participants agreed on a number of innovative outcomes and made significant contribution to promoting strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy.
当前,世界经济增长势头进一步巩固,发达国家和新兴市场国家经济形势普遍向好,但也面临严峻挑战。在这一背景下,二十国集团继续发挥国际经济合作主要论坛作用、落实杭州峰会及历届峰会共识、引领世界经济前进方向尤为重要,也符合各方利益。中方支持德方在汉堡举办一届成功的峰会,也对这次峰会充满期待。Despite further consolidation of growth momentum and the upbeat economic outlook in both the developed and emerging economies, daunting challenges still persist in the world economy. Against such a backdrop, it is all the more important that the G20, as the premier forum for international economic cooperation, continues to follow through on the consensus reached at Hangzhou and all its previous Summits and lead the way forward for the world economy. This serves the interest of all parties. China has great expectations for the Hamburg Summit and supports Germany in hosting a successful meeting.
——希望二十国集团继续秉持同舟共济、合作共赢的伙伴精神。二十国集团是世界主要经济体平等对话、沟通协调的重要平台,同舟共济、合作共赢的伙伴精神是二十国集团最重要的财富。这种精神指引二十国集团走过国际金融危机风雨,也将鼓舞二十国集团引领世界经济潮流。只要各国本着彼此包容、守望相助的初心,就一定能坚定前行。-- We look forward to a G20 that continues to uphold the spirit of partnership for win-win cooperation. For the G20, an important platform for equal-footed dialogue, communication and coordination among the world' s major economies, the spirit of partnership for win-win cooperation is its most critical asset. Such a spirit helped the G20 tide over the difficult times of the global financial crisis, and it is with this same spirit that the G20 will continue to lead the world economy forward. As long as countries stay true to our commitment to inclusiveness and mutual assistance, we will be able to forge ahead against all odds.
——希望二十国集团继续高举建设开放型世界经济的时代旗帜。经济全球化为世界经济增长提供了强劲动力,促进了商品和资本流动、科技和文明进步、各国人民交往。对于经济全球化进程中出现的问题,要妥善加以解决。二十国集团应该坚持开放发展,支持以世界贸易组织为核心的多边贸易体制,推动贸易和投资继续发挥世界经济增长引擎作用。-- We look forward to a G20 that continues to champion an open world economy. Economic globalization has provided strong impetus for world economic growth and facilitated the flow of goods and capital, progress in science, technology and civilization as well as people-to-people exchanges. That said, however, we must also address the problems that emerged in the process of economic globalization properly. The G20 needs to stay committed to open development, support the multilateral trading regime with the WTO at its heart and enable trade and investment to continue to drive global economic growth.
——希望二十国集团继续引领创新增长、长效治理的发展路径。当今世界经济增长势头来之不易,新技术、新业态带来的机遇和挑战并存。要巩固世界经济增长势头,各国就要通过创新挖掘世界经济增长新动力,综合运用财政政策、货币政策、结构性改革,促进世界经济实现强劲、可持续、平衡、包容增长。-- We look forward to a G20 that continues to chart the course for innovative growth and long-term governance. The current growth momentum of the world economy has not come easily. New technologies and new forms of business have brought as many opportunities as challenges. To cement the growth momentum of the world economy, countries need to tap into new drivers of global growth through innovation, conduct fiscal and monetary policies and structural reforms in a coordinated manner, and promote strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth of the world economy.
不久前在北京成功举行的“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛,旨在加强有关国家和地区发展战略对接和互联互通,实现联动发展,同今年汉堡峰会的主题——“塑造联动世界”高度契合。“一带一路”倡议和二十国集团合作可以相互补充、相互促进。中方愿以汉堡峰会为契机,同各方一道努力,就国际经济合作和全球经济治理发出明确信号,为促进世界经济增长、完善全球经济治理作出积极贡献。The successful Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation recently held in Beijing is aimed at stepping up the synergy of development strategies and connectivity with relevant countries and regions in an effort to achieve interconnected development. It chimes with the theme of this year's Hamburg Summit- "Shaping an Interconnected World". The Belt and Road Initiative and G20 cooperation could complement and reinforce each other. China hopes to work with all parties at the Hamburg Summit to jointly send out a clear message on international economic cooperation and global economic governance and contribute to improved global growth and economic governance.
我期待着同德方一道努力,推进中德全方位战略伙伴关系,推动汉堡峰会取得圆满成功。因为我们的目标是共同的,这就是建设一个更加美好的世界。I look forward to working with Germany to advance the China-Germany comprehensive strategic partnership and contribute to the full success of the Hamburg Summit, for we share this common objective: to make the world a better place.
(Source: Xinhua)


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