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11月13日,中共中央总书记、国家主席习近平抵达万象,开始对老挝人民民主共和国进行国事访问。[新华社 兰红光 摄]
Chinese President Xi Jinping (C, front), also general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, arrives in Vientiane on Nov. 13, 2017 for a state visit to Laos. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)

11月13日,在对老挝人民民主共和国进行国事访问之际,中共中央总书记、国家主席习近平在老挝《人民报》、《巴特寮报》、《万象时报》发表题为《携手打造中老具有战略意义的命运共同体》的署名文章。文章如下:Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday published a signed article titled "China and Laos: Working Together for a Community of Shared Future with Strategic Significance" on mainstream Lao media the Pasaxon (the People), the Pathet Lao, and the Vientiane Times ahead of his state visit to Laos. The following is the full text of the article:


China and Laos: Working Together for a Community of Shared Future with Strategic Significance
Xi Jinping
General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and President of the People's Republic of China

应老挝人民革命党中央委员会总书记、国家主席本扬·沃拉吉邀请,我即将对老挝人民民主共和国进行国事访问。我曾两次到访老挝,热情友善的老挝人民、金碧辉煌的万象塔銮、风光旖旎的湄公河畔给我留下深刻而美好的印象。我期待同老挝的新老朋友们畅叙友谊,共谋发展,共辟两国关系美好未来。At the invitation of Bounnhang Vorachit, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party and President of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, I will soon pay a state visit to the Lao PDR. I visited Laos twice, and was deeply impressed by its hospitable people, the golden Pha That Luang, and the beautiful scenery along the Mekong River. I look forward to renewing friendship and working with old and new friends in Laos to map out plans and open a bright new future for China-Laos relations.
中老是理想信念相通、社会制度相同、发展道路相近的社会主义友邦。建交半个多世纪以来,两党两国关系经受住了时代变迁和国际风云变幻的考验,书写了动人的佳话。毛泽东、周恩来和凯山·丰威汉等两国老一辈领导人肝胆相照,结下了深厚战斗情谊,为中老世代友好奠定了坚实基础。老挝重要领导人贵宁·奔舍那的后人曾在中国求学多年,他们在中国留下了青春的足迹,也成为中老传统友谊的见证者、传承者、推动者。上世纪六七十年代,中国军民积极支援老挝民族独立和解放事业,200多位中国烈士长眠于这片他们战斗过的热土,用生命筑起了中老友好永不磨灭的丰碑。China and Laos are friendly socialist neighbors with shared ideals, the same social systems and similar paths of development. Over the past half a century since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the relations between the two parties and the two countries have withstood the test of time and the changing global environment, leaving behind many touching stories. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Kaysone Phomvihane, and other leaders of the elder generation forged among them a deep friendship based on a genuine meeting of minds, and laid down a solid foundation for lasting friendship between the two countries. The descendants of Quinim Pholsena studied for many years in China. They spent their youth in China, and became witnesses, supporters and members of new advocates for China-Laos traditional friendship. In the 1960s and 1970s, Chinese soldiers and civilians actively supported the national independence and liberation movement of Laos. Over 200 of them laid down their lives on this land, forging an indelible monument of China-Laos friendship with their flesh and blood.
进入新时期,中老友好历久弥坚,焕发出新的蓬勃生机。两国全面战略合作伙伴关系不断拓展。高层往来日益密切,党际交流持续深化,政治互信愈加稳固。中国有句古话,“同门曰朋,同志曰友”,这是中老关系的真实写照。作为志同道合的好邻居、好朋友、好同志、好伙伴,中老在探索社会主义理论和实践创新,全面推进经济、政治、文化、社会等各方面建设,加快推进现代化的进程中始终平等相待,相互扶持。中老关系堪称中国同周边国家睦邻友好、全面合作的典范。In recent years, China-Laos friendship has been further cemented and is showing fresh vitality. The comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries has been expanding. Frequent high-level contacts and deepening inter-party exchanges have solidified our political mutual trust. The Chinese people believe that friends are those who follow the same cause and are inspired by the same vision. This is a vivid characterization of China-Laos relationship. As good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners with the same vision, China and Laos have always treated each other as equals and supported each other in exploring innovation in socialist theories and practice, in fully advancing economic, political, cultural and social development, and in accelerating modernization. China-Laos relationship sets an example of good neighborliness and all-round cooperation between China and its neighbors.
中老发展战略对接加速。中国提出的“一带一路”倡议同老挝“变陆锁国为陆联国”战略、中国的“十三五”规划同老挝社会发展“八五”规划高度契合,两国发展理念相似。去年,两国务实合作旗舰项目——中老铁路全线开工,承载着老挝人民发展梦想的交通大动脉正逐步变为现实。磨憨-磨丁经济合作区和万象赛色塔综合开发区建设进展喜人,多家企业和机构签约入驻,将助力老挝实现产业升级、吸引外资、促进就业、带动中小企业发展。China and Laos have worked expeditiously to align their development strategies. Thanks to our similar visions for development, there is a high degree of complementarity between China's Belt and Road Initiative and the strategy of Laos to transform itself from a landlocked to a land-linked country, and between China's 13th Five-Year Plan and the 8th Five-Year National Socio-economic Development Plan of Laos. Last year, all-round construction started on the China-Laos railway, a flagship project of our practical cooperation. The transportation artery that will drive the development of Laos is a dream coming true. Good progress was made in the Mohan-Boten Economic Cooperation Zone and the Saysettha Development Zone, which have already seen a number of companies and institutions move in. This will help Laos upgrade its industries, attract FDI, create jobs and boost the growth of its SMEs.
中老务实合作驶入快车道。中国已经成为老挝第一大投资国、第二大贸易伙伴。今年1月至9月,双边贸易额21亿美元、同比增长25.1%。中国对老挝直接投资累计超过61亿美元,带动当地水电、矿产、服务贸易等行业发展。中国积极推动医院、公路、学校等一批民生援助项目落地,助力老挝人民提高生活水平和质量。中国企业承建的南累克水电站运行良好,为老挝经济建设和社会发展发挥了重要作用。老挝对华出口不断扩大,老挝大米、咖啡、香蕉、西瓜等农产品日益受到中国消费者喜爱。China-Laos practical cooperation has entered a period of fast development. China has become the largest investor and second largest trading partner of Laos. Bilateral trade reached 2.1 billion U.S. dollars in the first nine months of this year, up by 25.1 percent. China's total direct investment in Laos exceeded 6.1 billion U.S. dollars, facilitating the development of hydroelectricity, mining, services trade and other sectors of the local economy. China has been actively involved in delivering a number of assistance projects relating to people's livelihood, including hospitals, roads and schools, contributing to higher living standards and more convenience for the Laotian people. The Nam Leuk hydropower station undertaken by Chinese companies is operating well, and playing an important role in the economic and social development of Laos. Export from Laos to China also expanded, and the Laotian agricultural products including rice, coffee, banana and water melon are increasingly popular among Chinese consumers.
中老人文交流日益活跃。今年上半年,40万中国游客赴老挝旅游观光。越来越多的老挝人赴华经商、旅游,获得中国政府奖学金的老挝在华留学生人数居东盟各国之首。中国“和平列车”、“湄公河光明行”医疗服务活动赢得老挝人民广泛赞誉。中国上海近百名青年志愿者先后赴老挝从事网络技术、体育教学等工作,其中一名志愿者就任老挝国家男篮主教练。中老合拍的纪录片《光阴的故事》网络总播放量达数百万次,深深撼动两国民众心灵。一首由老挝友人创作并演唱的摇滚歌曲《一带一路》在网络热播,赢得大量网友点赞评论。China-Laos people-to-people and cultural exchanges have become more dynamic. 400,000 Chinese tourists traveled to Laos in the first half of the year. More and more people from Laos are traveling to China for business or as tourists. The number of Lao students studying in China under Chinese government scholarship tops all ASEAN countries. Chinese medical services initiatives including Peace Train and Mekong Bright Action were widely acclaimed by the Lao people. Nearly 100 young volunteers from Shanghai went to Laos to teach Internet technology and sports, and one of them became the head coach of the Lao national men's basketball team. The Story of Times, a documentary co-produced by China and Laos, was viewed several million times on the Internet, and deeply touched the hearts of our two peoples. The pop music video "Yi Dai Yi Lu" (Belt and Road), written and performed by a Lao musician, went viral on the Internet in China and received a huge number of likes and comments.
在建设有本国特色社会主义的伟大征程中,中老两国“志同而气和”。上个月,中国共产党成功召开第十九次全国代表大会。这次大会制定了中国党和国家未来发展的总体方针和行动纲领。大会绘制了从现在到本世纪中叶中国建设发展的宏伟蓝图。到2020年,将全面建成小康社会;从2020年到2035年,基本实现社会主义现代化;从2035年到本世纪中叶,把中国建设成为富强民主文明和谐美丽的社会主义现代化强国。我们有能力、有信心带领中国人民朝着实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦迈进。在老挝人民革命党领导下,老挝社会和谐稳定,经济蓬勃发展,国家日新月异,正向着老挝党第十次全国代表大会确定的目标推进全面革新事业。同样的使命,共同的梦想,恰似纵贯中老的澜沧江-湄公河水,把我们的前途牢牢相系,将我们的命运紧紧相连。China and Laos are friends and comrades who have a shared mission in advancing the great cause of building socialism with our respective characteristics. Last month, the Communist Party of China successfully convened its 19th National Congress and set forth general principles and guidelines for the future development of the Party and the country. The Party Congress laid out the blueprint for China's development all through to the middle of the century: we will complete the building of a moderately prosperous society by 2020, basically realize socialist modernization by 2035, and build China into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful by the middle of this century. We have the ability and confidence to rally the Chinese people toward the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. Under the leadership of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, Laos enjoys social harmony and economic prosperity. It is making fast progress and steadily advancing comprehensive reforms in line with the goals set at the 10th Congress of the Party. Like Lancang-Mekong River that runs through our two countries, the common mission and ideals that bind us together have forged a common destiny for us.
——我们要加强战略沟通,打造互尊互信的命运共同体。中老双方要继承和发扬两国友好传统,牢牢把握双边关系发展的正确方向,深化政治互信,借鉴彼此推进改革、探索社会主义建设的理论和实践经验,密切政党、政府、立法机构、地方交往,拓展中老全面战略合作伙伴关系的广度和深度。两国应该在涉及彼此核心利益和重大关切的问题上继续相互支持,根据事情的是非曲直确定外交政策,共同维护发展中国家权益。-- We need to strengthen strategic communication and build a community of shared future based on mutual respect and mutual trust. The two sides should take forward our traditional friendship, keep the bilateral relations on the right track, and deepen political mutual trust. We should learn from each other's experience, including theories and practices of reform and socialist construction, and increase exchanges between our political parties, governments, legislatures, and provinces/cities to broaden and deepen our comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. We should continue to support each other on issues involving each other's core interests and major concerns, and make foreign policy decisions based on the merits of matters to jointly uphold the rights and interests of developing countries.
——我们要深化战略对接,打造互帮互助的命运共同体。中国支持老挝发挥独特区位优势,实现绿色可持续发展。中老铁路作为泛亚铁路网的重要组成部分,对老挝具有重大战略和现实意义。双方要加强统筹协调,争取早日建成通车,让老挝同周边国家乃至世界互联互通。我们要推进经济合作区、卫星、水电站等重大项目建设和运营,让老挝人民多受益、早受益。-- We need to enhance the complementarity of our development strategies and build a community of shared future through mutual assistance. China supports Laos in leveraging its geographical position to achieve green and sustainable development. As an important part of the Trans-Asian Railway network, China-Laos railway is of major strategic and practical importance to Laos. The two sides should increase coordination and work for early completion and operation of the project to connect Laos with its neighbors and the world. We must advance construction and operation of major projects, such as economic cooperation zones, satellite, and hydropower stations to bring more benefits to the Lao people as early as possible.
——我们要拓展务实合作,打造互惠互利的命运共同体。中老两国山水相连、经济互补。老挝自然禀赋优越,经济快速发展,正处在推进工业化、现代化进程的关键阶段。中国在资金、技术、装备等方面拥有丰富经验和优势。双方要不断挖掘合作潜力,创新合作模式,拓展在电力互联互通、金融、能源等领域务实合作,促进老挝农业、水利、交通、通信等基础设施建设,给两国人民带来实实在在的好处。-- We need to expand practical cooperation and build a community of shared future for mutual benefit. China and Laos are close neighbors with economic complementarity. Laos enjoys good natural endowments and fast economic development. The country is at a crucial stage of industrialization and modernization. China has rich experience and strength in capital, technology and equipment. The two sides should tap cooperation potential and explore new ways of cooperation. We could expand practical cooperation in electricity connectivity, finance and energy, promote the development of Lao infrastructure for agriculture, water conservancy, transportation and telecommunication, and bring real benefits to the two peoples.
——我们要扩大人文交流,打造互学互鉴的命运共同体。我们要加强文化、科技、青年、地方等领域交流合作,让中老友好薪火相传。欢迎更多的老挝朋友到中国留学、旅游、工作,成为继承和发扬中老传统友谊的使者。中国将积极支持老挝举办2018旅游年,鼓励更多中国游客来到老挝观光旅游,感受老挝历史文化的独特魅力。-- We need to increase people-to-people exchange and build a community of shared future featuring mutual learning. We should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, science and technology and youth and subnational interactions to take China-Laos friendship from generation to generation. We welcome more Lao people to China to study, tour or work and to serve as envoys for the traditional friendship between our two countries. China will support Laos in hosting the 2018 Tourism Year, encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Laos and experience the unique charm of Lao history and culture.
中老同为澜沧江-湄公河合作机制重要成员。澜湄合作机制自2016年正式启动以来取得了丰硕成果,体现了“澜湄速度”和“澜湄效率”,培育了平等相待、真诚互助、亲如一家的澜湄文化。老挝明年将担任澜湄合作共同主席国。中国愿同老挝一道努力,推动澜湄合作取得更多成果,落实老方提出的早期收获项目,带动次区域发展,为地区国家人民带来更多福祉。China and Laos are both important members of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) framework. The LMC has achieved fruitful results since its inception in 2016. It has demonstrated a Lancang-Mekong speed and efficiency, and fostered a Lancang-Mekong culture of equality, sincerity, mutual assistance and affinity. Laos will be the LMC Co-Chair next year. China will work with Laos to facilitate more cooperation outcomes, implement the early-harvest projects proposed by Laos, promote sub-regional development and bring more benefits to countries and peoples in the region.
老挝人常说“一根柴棍烧不成旺火,一根木棍围不成篱笆”,中国人讲“众志成城”、“众人拾柴火焰高”。我坚信,只要中老彼此信任,携手合作,必将开创两国关系更加美好的明天。As a Lao saying goes, one piece of firewood does not make high flames, and a single wood stick does not make a fence. The Chinese believe that people, if united, are as strong as a fortress, and flame runs high if everyone adds wood to it. I am convinced that as long as our two countries trust each other and work together, we will create an even better future for our bilateral relations.
(Source: Xinhua)


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