Tips on alcohol disinfection

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Tips on alcohol disinfection

1. Alcohol with 75% concentration is suitable for disinfection. Those with 90% should be diluted according to the instructions before use.

2. Both 75% alcohol prep pads and 75% (v/v) alcohol are proved to be more effective in killing viruses and less expensive.

3. Wipe doorknobs, tables, and elevator buttons with alcohol. Avoid spraying excessive alcohol into the air or onto the human body.

4. It is not recommended to spritz alcohol onto clothing for sterilization as exposure of the liquid to open flame or static electricity may cause a fire.

5. Ensure the ventilation of alcohol-disinfected rooms. Keep alcohol away from high temperature items, especially an open flame.

6. Do not make phone calls, smoke or use electric fly swatters immediately after alcohol with high concentration has been spritzed.

7. Disconnect the power and put away flammables and explosives nearby before sanitizing surfaces of home appliances.

8. Hang-dry used towels and other cleaning tools in ventilated areas after being washed.

9. Keep alcohol away from fire or power supplies and in sealed containers. Lidless containers are strictly prohibited.


1. 酒精以浓度75%为宜,若购买浓度90%的酒精,使用前按说明书稀释。

2. 浓度75%的酒精棉片或酒精,不但可以杀死病毒,而且还便宜。

3. 直接擦拭门把手、桌面、电梯按钮等,不要大量喷洒于空气中或身体上。

4. 不建议使用酒精对衣物喷洒消毒,如遇明火或静电,可能发生燃烧。

5. 室内使用酒精需要保证通风,并远离高温物体,千万不能与明火接触。

6. 打电话、吸烟、使用电蚊拍等行为,在喷洒高度酒精后均不能立即进行。

7. 使用前要清理周边易燃可燃物,给电器表面消毒前,先关闭电源。

8. 使用过的毛巾等清洁工具,清水清洗后放通风处晾干。

9. 家里存放酒精要远离火源和电源,存放容器必须密封,严禁使用无盖容器。


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