China Photographers Association

The China Photographers Association was founded in December 1956, initially called the China Photographic Academy. This was the first national photographic organization in Chinese history. At its third National Representative Assembly in 1979, the organization was renamed as the China Photographers Association, abbreviated to CPA.

CPA belongs to the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. It is a professional organization with photographers from different ethnic groups across China. CPA's major responsibilities include:

1) To actively promote and support photographers in improving their cultural and artistic levels, devoting themselves to the art of photography, taking creative photos, exchanging photographic techniques and skills, studying photographic theory, developing photographic education, and training talented young photographers;

2) To give strong backing to the photographic activity of the wider public and to strengthen ties with the public so as to popularize photography and meet the public appetite for aesthetic work;

3) To develop energetically the cultural industry of photography and to build a bridge between photographic equipment manufacturers, photographers, and public consumers, thus achieving economic benefits while encouraging good social involvement;

4) To dedicate itself to promoting non-governmental exchanges and expanding friendly relations with foreign countries, thereby improving mutual understanding;

5) To hold regular photography exhibitions, contests and awards - including the China Photography Golden Statue Prize - National Photographic Art Exhibitions, International Photography Art Exhibitions and China Photographic Art Festivals, and offer awards and prizes to distinguished photographers, outstanding photos, photographic theories; and members who make outstanding contributions to organization, education and editing in the field;

6) To actively define rules, regulations and ethics in photography;

7) To set up a relevant organization to maintain and protect CPA members' and other photographic workers' rights and interests in compliance with China's constitution, laws and regulations.

As the most influential and authoritative nationwide photographic organization in China, CPA has held seven representative assemblies from 1956 to 2007. After 50 years of conformity and reform, CPA has now adopted a system which combines individual membership and group membership. At present, the organization has over 10,000 individual members.

Prior to 1993, CPA had branches in every province, municipality, and autonomous region. Subsequently these branches reorganized themselves into various local photographers associations, and joined CPA as group members. CPA now has 32 group members from various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Since 2002, CPA has admitted a number of industrial photographic organizations as group members and currently there are 11 such members.

The offices and departments subordinate to CPA are as follow: General Office, Personnel Department, Organizing and Liaison Department, International Liaison Department, Department for Theory Research, China Photographic Publishing House, Chinese Photography Magazine, Popular Photography Magazine, China Photo Press, CPA Photo Service, Beijing Photographic Correspondence Institute, Exhibition Center, Development Center, Information Center, and CPA Website.

Introduction to, created in December 2000, is the official website of the China Photographers Association (CPA).

Releasing timely industry information and displaying excellent works, this Web site strives to serve not just CPA members, but the entire photography industry as well. As a platform to incorporate elites, it also introduces brilliant photographers and unites the photography business. [mail them]