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Variety Show
My Dream

Presented by China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe
Venue: the Israel Opera House, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Date: Oct 17 - 18, 2009

Modern Dance
China Vision

Presented by Beijing Modern Dance Company
Date: Oct. 22 - 23, 2009
Venue: the Susanne Dellal Center for Dance & Theater
Date: Oct 24, 2009
Venue: Carmel Center in Haifa

Photo Exhibition
A Close Look at China

Date: Oct. 19 - 30, 2009
Venue: Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities

China-Israel Relations

Date: Oct. 12 - 25, 2009
Venue: Anteroom of the Israel Opera House, Tel Aviv-Yafo


Presented by China's State Council Information Office
Date: Oct. 19, 2009
Venue: Tel Aviv University

Chinese Film Week

Date: Oct. 18 - 25, 2009
Venue: Theaters in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa

TV Program
Chinese TV Week

Date: Oct, 2009
Broadcast by: the Israeli Educational Television