- Foreign artists still welcome despite Bjork incident
Icelandic singer Bjork's offending support to "Tibet independence" at a Shanghai concert earlier this month won't affect China's policy on inviting foreign artists to come and perform in the country, a senior cultural official said at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.
- Learn Chinese calligraphy and painting
A Chinese calligraphy and brush painting program was designed for the students in the dual language program of Glenwood Elementary School, USA.
- Videos: Five Olympic promos debut
In July 2006, Beijing city authorities invited five international acclaimed directors to make short films, with each documentary shorts recounting how Chinese people had been preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games, which are available now.
- Exclusive videos: Teaching the Qigong way
China.org.cn herein has exclusively unveiled 22 videos to teach any interested party how to practice the four healthy Qigong exercises.
- Britain celebrates Chinese New Year with CHINA NOW launch
Kicking off with spectacular firework displays, colorful street parades, Shaolin martial arts performances and 175 feet long Dragon dances, CHINA NOW's nationwide Chinese New Year celebrations witnesses the UK entering into a Chinese culture craze.
- Ancient skull fills blank for evolutionary theory
On January 22 Chinese archaeologists announced that they found a nearly complete human skull fossil dating back about 100,000 years in Henan last month. The fossil may solve the mystery of the origins of the Chinese people.
- Exclusive: Photographer airs animosity against skyscrapers
Within the last decade, thanks to economic prosperity, myriads of skyscrapers have appeared in large Chinese cities. What impression do these giant buildings present to the millions of new urban arrivals? Photographer Jiang Pengyi, via his two series All Back to Dust and Luminant, displays a dreadful fascination for skyscrapers.
- Exclusive: China Now to portray modern China
The day before British Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrived in China for his maiden visit, the UK organizers of China Now held a press conference in Beijing to announce this largest Chinese cultural extravaganza ever to take place in the United Kingdom.
- Exclusive: French photographer zooms in on 'Hutong' serenity
Ambroise Tezenas, a renowned French photographer, has taken innumerable pictures of Beijing's "Hutongs", or the old city alleyways. During his many visits to the city, he photographed ancient alleys, lively greengrocers, and cozy bungalows in a way that reflects the complex feeling associated with Beijing's transformation toward modernization.
- The Great Wall past and present
The Great Wall has been synonymous with China since travelers and adventurers first spoke of the Middle Kingdom to the rest of the world.
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