Olympics open with a stunning dream
The atmosphere turned everything inside the stadium into a romantic and poetic dream, showcasing China's profound culture, history, future and hopes.
A kick-ass classic of the genre
Very few people will admit to enjoying an Olympic opening ceremony. We have too many awful memories of trampolining insects, bicycles disguised as ships, costume crimes and disco dancing. I have always suspected the world's most dire street performers and mime artists somehow manage to get hired for these extravaganzas.
A tale of two Mongolias
In his first and already highly acclaimed book:The Bloody White Baron, Mr. James Palmer entertained his readers with historical but gruesome anecdotes about a psychotic nobleman, Baron Unger.
A Mirror of Soul
Tea provides a fascinating insight into the union of contemporary eastern and western operatic elements. The result is a memorable and challenging modern Chinese Opera.
The wild, wild west of banking
In her book Back-Alley Banking, Kellee Tsai uses her research into China's unknown banking systems to explain how small private businesses acquired their funding.
Blu-ray eyes the China market
When Toshiba announced that it would cease supporting HD in Feb., the 7-year-long format war between HD and Blu-ray effectively came to an end. The focus for Blu-ray manufacturers now turns to the next huge world market.
China through the bottom of a glass
In ten racy chapters Jack Leblanc describes nearly twenty years of dodgy deals, and, as he puts it "more booze, more women, more karaoke, more hangovers, more seafood, more saunas, more than my body could take."
Three faces
Dr. Lampton's The Three Faces of Chinese Power is well-researched and offers a comprehensive, intelligent framework for the implications for the US and the world regarding China's rising economic and military power.
Red Cliff Banquet reporters were invited to witness a star-studded charity banquet Tuesday night, as the promotional wheels of the film Red Cliff started to roll.
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