China Before the Invasion of the
Eight-Power Allied Forces
The Entering of
Envoys and Legation Guards into Beijing
First Setbacks of
the Allied Forces
and the Capture of Tianjin
The Capture of
Beijing by the
Eight-Power Allied Forces
The War Before Negotiations and the Signing of the
Protocol of 1901
China Under the Protocol of 1901
Exactly a century ago - on September 7, 1901, the invading troops sent by Britain, Germany, The United States, France, Tsarist Russia, Japan, Italy and Austria forced the Chinese Qing government to sign the Protocol of 1901. To commemorate the occasion, China Foundation for Human Rights Development and the First Historical Archives of China jointly have published a pictorial album entitled The Eight-Power Allied Forces Through Foreigners' Camera.
September 7, 2001 marks a special day for China and even some developed countries. On this day one century ago, namely, September 7, 1901, the Eight Power Allied Forces formed by Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Austria and Italy forced the Qing Government to sign the most insolent and unequal Protocol in human civilization. That year was the Year of Xinchou in Chinese lunar calendar, so the Protocol, officially the Protocol of 1901, is historically known as the Protocol of Xinchou. Photos in this illustrated book present a true picture of this period of history.