China Before the Invasion of the
Eight-Power Allied Forces
The Entering of
Envoys and Legation Guards into Beijing
First Setbacks of
the Allied Forces
and the Capture of Tianjin
The Capture of
Beijing by the
Eight-Power Allied Forces
The War Before Negotiations and the Signing of the
Protocol of 1901
China Under the Protocol of 1901
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On August 4, 1900, approximately 20,000 Allied Forces marched toward Beijing from Tianjin, They defeated the Chinese troops in succession and captured Beijing on August 14. After they entered the city, the Allied Forces plunged into a massacre. There were countless occurrences of bloodshed, looting and rape. A Frenchman published a book entitled The End of Peking after he returned to France. He wrote: "The solitude and desolation were the same in and outside the city. There was nothing except rubble everywhere¡­.The city of Peking, which was full of splendid buildings in the past, is now a wildness."