Movie Channel Holds the Korean War Movie Week

October 20 to November 10, CCTV movie channel (Channel 6) will hold a movie week focusing on the Korean War to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the War to Fight the US aggression and Aid Korea.

Fourteen excellent domestic movies on themes relating to the war will be screened during the Movie Week.

Among the 14 films, Shangganling Battle, Heroic Sons and Daughters, On the 38th Parallel, are the most familiar ones to Chinese audience.

Mao Zedong and His Son tells us a true story that the great man Mao sends his elder son to the Korean battlefield.

The new work, The Women Soldiers on the 38th Parallel, in which well-known actress Shen Danping plays the leading role, will be screened on October 27.

(PLAdaily.com.cn 2000/10/17)