Five Books on Korean War to Be Reprinted

Five books on Korean War will be published by the People's Liberation Army Literature & Art Publishing House, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Korean War.

Among the five books, Far East Asia -- Korean War and Korean War in A Painter's Eyes will be issued in second edition, while One Day of A Volunteer Soldier, Korean War Memoir and Prisoners of Korean War will be reprinted.

The five books mirror Korean War from different angles. The Korean War Memoir was written by General Hong Xuezhi, who was the vice commander of the Chinese volunteer army. The Far East Asia -- Korean War analyzed the events and their causes and aftermath, navigating readers to track the clues of Korean War.

Besides, the two-volume One Day of A Volunteer Soldier is a collection of articles of 400 veterans. First published in the 1950s, the book was warmly received. The Prisoners of Korean War is the on-the-spot report on Korean War, describing Chinese soldiers in fierce battles. The Korean War in A Painter's Eyes, which is written by well-known military painter He Kongde, is rich in first-hand pictures, sketches and witness report.

(Xinhua 2000/09/21)