The Prevention and
Control of Pollution 

With respect to preventing and controlling industrial pollution and improving the urban environment in an all-round way, China relies on improving supervision, management and technology to promote environmental protection. In 1999, China completed 22,258 scheduled environmental improvement projects, involving a total investment of 12.31 billion yuan; 2,364 smoke-and-dust control districts were set up in 536 cities; and 2,040 noise standardized areas were established in 431 cities. The 144 enterprises by Dianshi Lake, each pouring over 100 tons of waste water daily into the lake, have been ordered to make improvements within a set time. The same is true of the 109 enterprises by Chaohu Lake, each pouring over 100 tons of waste water into the lake daily. As a result, the rate of industrial pollution emission along the valleys of Dianshi and Chaohu lakes has reached the standard, and the water quality has greatly improved.

Water equality inspectors
analyzing on-site a sample
of water from the
Huaihe River on
a monitoring boat.


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