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Chinese Idioms    成语

Lesson 1
shŏu zhū dài tù
【守 株 待 兔】
Waiting for a Hare to Turn up
One day in ancient times, a peasant was working in his field. A hare dashed up, unfortunately knocked against a tree in the field and fell dead with its neck broken. Then the peasant put down his hoe and waited by the tree for another hare to turn up. No more hares appeared, however, but he became the laughing-stock of the land.
Put one's whole heart into; with undivided attention
sān xīn èr
Be of two minds; be half-hearted; shilly-shally
xiōng yŏu chéng zhú
Have a well-thought-out plan, stratagem, etc. in mind
zŏu guān huā
Look at flowers while riding on horseback – gain a superficial understanding through cursory observation