Position of Sanxingdui in Academic Circle

Over a period of half a century, generations of archaeologists have worked hard on Sanxingdui. Finally, two sacrificial pits were found. The discoveries aroused widespread attention in academic circles and made the site the subject of world focus.

In the winter of 1986, an academic discussion on Shu's History and Culture was held in Guanghan. This was a top-notch national discussion about the Ba Shu history. Those present warmly discussed the far-reaching significance of the discoveries, the nature of the relics and the effect on the current understanding of Ba Shu's history and culture. Many famous scholars in China delivered speeches during the meeting. After an all-round investigation, Professor Shu Bangui declared the Sanxingdui relics to be the remains of an ancient culture, ancient city, and ancient kingdom.

In spring, 1992, a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the discovery of Sanxingdui and the National Discussion of Ba Shu's History and Culture was held in Guanghan, attended by over 200 experts and scholars from home and abroad.

In August 1992, the ceremony for the completion of the Sanxingdui Museum was held.

On October 26, 1997, Sanxingdui Museum was opened formally.

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