China's National Defense in 2000



I. The Security Situation

II.National Defense Policy

III.National Defense Construction

  Structure and Organization of the Armed Forces
Mobilization and Education
Defense Expenditure
Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense
Frontier Defense
The Macao Garrison

 IV. Armed Forces Building

  Military Legal System
Downsizing and Restructuring
Ideological and Political Work
Military Training
Weaponry and Equipment
Disaster Relief

V. International Security Cooperation

  Military Exchanges
Regional Security Cooperation
Confidence-Building Measures
Participation in UN Peace-Keeping Operations

VI. Arms Control and Disarmament

  Nuclear Weapons and Missile Defense
Chemical and Biological Weapons
Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space
Anti-Personnel Landmines
The UN Register of Conventional Arms and the Issue of Small Arms



Information Office of the
State Council of the People's
Republic of China
October 2000, Beijing