China’s National Defense in 2002









V.Armed Forces Building
  Military Training
  Political Work
  Logistical Support
  Weaponry and Equipment
  Cadre Training
VI.International Security Cooperation
  Regional Security Cooperation
  Anti-Terrorism Cooperation
  Participation in UN Peace-keeping Operations
  Military Exchanges and Cooperation
VII.Arms Control and Disarmament
  Nuclear Disarmament
  Chemical and Biological Disarmament
  Missile Defense and Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space
  Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Their Means of Delivery
  Small Arms and Anti-Personnel Landmines
Appendix I Main Military Laws and Regulations Issued Since 2000
Appendix II Major Military Exchanges with Other Countries in 2001-2002
Appendix III Participation in Security Consultations in 2001-2002
Appendix IV Participation in UN Peace-keeping Operations
Appendix V Chinese Armed Forces’ Participation Since 2000 in Assisting Japan in Handling the Chemical Weapons Abandoned by Japan in China

Information Office of the State Council
of the People’s Republic of China

December 2002, Beijing