The huge Russian-made An-124, one of two aircraft which will be used to remove the crippled US EP-3 surveillance plane, landed on Hainan island after flying from Okinawa, Japan on June 16. Behind the cargo plane is US spy plane, EP3. ( A cargo aircraft landed on China's Hainan Island on Saturday to bring home the damaged US spy plane which triggered a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.
A team of US contractors is en route to southern China to begin dismantling and shipping home a damaged Navy spy plane, US and Chinese officials said Thursday.
Chinese Ambassador to the United States Yang Jiechi has expressed his hope that the Sino-U.S. relationship would be able to move forward from the EP-3 incident given important progress that has been made toward its eventual solution.
The United States and China have agreed to a deal "in principle" that would ship the damaged US Navy spy plane EP-3 home aboard a commercial cargo aircraft, officials from both sides said on May 28.
China said Thursday that the United States can take back its stranded U Navy surveillance plane in pieces. US officials, however, said there was still no agreement on the plane's return.
China sought US understanding Wednesday for its refusal to allow US Navy spy plane to fly home, saying public sentiment would be outraged if the aircraft flew again over Chinese territory.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi reiterated Tuesday that the EP-3 plane of the United States cannot leave south China's Hainan Island by means of flight.
The United States resumed its first surveillance flight off the eastern coast of China since a damaged US Navy EP-3 made an emergency landing on Hainan Island last month.
US civilian technicians spent about four hours aboard the Navy surveillance plane on China's Hainan Island Wednesday to begin assessing the extent of damage, Pentagon officials said.
US officials have planned to fly in to China on April 30 to inspect the US Navy surveillance plane that had been spying on China and detained in a southern Chinese island for a month after a collision with a chasing Chinese fighter jet.
Pro-China hackers invaded two US government websites over the weekend, forcing the department of labor and the department of health and human services to shut down their sites temporarily, the New York Times reported Sunday.
Some 1,000 people Thursday attended a memorial ceremony to mourn for Wang Wei, a Chinese pilot died in a mid-air collision by a US spy plane with Wang's fighter jet on April 1.
Chinese President Jiang Zemin on Friday met with the family members of pilot Wang Wei, who died in the April 1 incident in which a US spy plane bumped into and destroy his fighter jet, and representatives from the military unit he belonged to at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
A San Francisco-based American lawyer, in an article for the US-China Peoples Friendship Association (USCFA), called his country to end spy flights along China's coast and stop arming Taiwan.
During the just-concluded Sino-US talks, China presented a large amount of evidence proving that it was the US plane that rammed into the Chinese fighter jet and caused the crash of the Chinese jet and the loss of the Chinese pilot, said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue at a regular news briefing in Beijing.
China and the United States wrapped up two days of discussions over the April 1 incident in which a US reconnaissance plane rammed and destroyed a Chinese fighter jet, and other related issues by agreeing to remain in touch and decide through diplomatic channels when to meet next.
In accordance with relevant understanding between the two sides, China and the United States held talks on the April 1 incident in which a US reconnaissance plane rammed and destroyed a Chinese fighter jet, and other related issues, on April 18 and April 19 in Beijing.
China Thursday produced new evidence pointing to the fact that the US spy plane was the culprit of the April 1 mid-air collision.
China and the United States have agreed to keep in contact on the collision incident in which a U.S. reconnaissance plane rammed into and destroyed a Chinese jet fighter on April 1, and will decide on the time for the next round of negotiations through diplomatic channels.
Talks between China and the United States on the April 1 spy plane incident, dragged back from the brink after a disastrous first round, have turned ``very productive,'' a senior U.S. official said Thursday.
China has "plenty of evidence" that an American EP-3 spy plane caused the April 1 mid-air collision with a Chinese F-8 fighter, an incident which sparked an 11-day diplomatic standoff.
Military experts here are worried that Japan and the United States will have to change their secret communication system, at a cost of millions of dollars, as a result of Chinese scrutiny of top secret equipment aboard the U.S. EP-3E surveillance plane on Hainan Island.
China and the United States have started negotiations Beijing Wednesday afternoon on the incident of the crash of a Chinese military plane rammed by a US military reconnaissance plane and other related issues.
China and the United States will hold talks in Beijing today in hopes of settling a range of issues surrounding the April 1 collision between an American reconnaissance plane and a Chinese fighter jet.
China yesterday called on the United States to adopt a "constructive" attitude towards today's negotiations on the mid-air collision between a Chinese fighter jet and a US reconnaissance plane.
The United States should take into account China's legitimate national security concerns in talks aimed at resolving the aircraft collision in the South China Sea, otherwise the negotiations would fail, said a by-lined article published by the International Herald Tribune on Tuesday.
China said its spy plane dispute with Washington had yet to be resolved and it repeated demands for an end to US surveillance flights that it said threatened its national security.
Wang Wei, a pilot who went missing following a mid-air collision between a US reconnaissance plane and a Chinese fighter jet on April 1, was awarded the title of "guardian of territorial airspace and waters" by the Central Military Commission (CMC).
A unique memorial service online(, dedicated to the Chinese pilot Wang Wei, who was missing and presumed dead when his fighter plane collided with a US Navy EP-3 spy plane on April 1, opened in Beijing on April 16.
People in Huzhou, hometown of Wang Wei, a pilot who went missing following a mid-air collision between a U.S. spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet on April 1, have expressed that they will learn the lofty patriotic and heroic spirit of the pilot in the struggle to safeguard the country's sovereignty and national dignity.

Six-year-old Wang Zi, son of former PLA air force pilot Wang Wei, kisses his mother. Little Wang Zi has been kept unknown of the death of his father, who was killed on April 1 when a US Navy surveillance EP-3 plane collided with his plane.

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