Report on the Development of China's Market Economy 2003
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China has long been treated unfairly in international trade for its non-market economy country (NMC) status, despite of its WTO membership. As a matter of fact, China has already established a market economy system after over 20 years of reforms and opening-up. The following is the latest situation of China's market economy development.
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Concerning Anti-dumping
Criteria of Market Economy
Year 200l: Results on Measuring China's Market Economy and the Comparison on Domestic and Overseas Researches
The Reform of the Government Administrative System
Restructuring Process of Government's Administrative System in Retrospect
Analyzing the Market Oriented Government Administrative System
Marketization of Enterprises
Market-Oriented Reforms of China's Enterprises in Retrospect
Development of the Non-state Owned Sector
Marketization of State-Owned Enterprises
Marketization of China's Enterprises Represented by the Key Enterprises
Prospect of Marketization of China's Enterprises
Marketization of Labor
Selecting and Analyzing the Indicators of Marketization of Labor
Trend of Labor Flow and Market-Determined Wage Rates
Marketization of Capital
Comprehensive Analysis on Marketization of Capital in China
Trend of Marketization of Capital in China
Marketization of Land
The Process of Marketization of Land in Retrospect
Trend of Market-Oriented Land Transaction
Marketization of Domestic Trade
The Progress of the Marketization of Domestic Trade
Symbol and Degree of Marketization of Domestic Trade
Trend of the Marketizafion of Domestic Trade
Marketization of Foreign Trade
Evaluation of China' s Marketization of Foreign Trade
China' s Marketization Trend of Foreign Trade
Marketization of Intermediary Organizations
Functions of Chinese Intermediary Organizations
Level of Marketization of Intermediary Organizations
Development Trend of Intermediary Organizations in China
Establishment and Improvement of Legal System on China's Market Economy
Building China's Market-Oriented Legal System
Protection of Property Rights and Fair Trade by Law

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