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Premier Li stresses greater reform, opening-up

Premier Li Keqiang has called for greater efforts in expanding reform and opening-up to boost development and improve people's livelihoods.

China issues white paper on national defense in new era

China on Wednesday issued a white paper to expound on its defensive national defense policy in the new era and explain the practice, purposes and significance of China's efforts to build a fortified national defense and a strong military.

Full Text: China's National Defense in the New Era

No external forces allowed to disrupt Hong Kong

The Chinese government absolutely does not allow any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong's affairs or disrupt Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

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Time to sit back and disentangle Iran tension

​Tensions have escalated in the Gulf region building on disputes between Iran and the United States. Now is the time for various parties to take serious efforts to go back to the negotiation table.


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