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More foreigners receive free legal aid services

More foreigners have been receiving legal aid since a law amendment took effect last year requiring the government to provide free help to foreign criminals who face life sentences or the death penalty.

NATO to form force to counter Russia threat

The U.S.-led alliance NATO will plan to build a multinational force to better respond to Russia's "aggressive behavior," Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a press conference on Monday.
Russia rules out military interference in Ukraine crisis
Lavrov urges U.S. to moderate 'party of war' in Kiev

Officials explain debated decision on 2017 HK election

Senior Chinese officials explained at a meeting Monday a legislative decision on electing Hong Kong's chief executive by universal suffrage, which has been heatedly debated in the Special Administrative Region ( SAR).

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The US has no strategy to fight a war with IS

The United States' strategy for combating IS focuses too much on inconsistent military measures when it should focus on a political solution to the divisions within Iraq.


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