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China stresses flood control, advancing water conservancy projects

China will make all-out efforts in flood control and disaster relief work while advancing the construction of major water conservancy projects, according to an executive meeting of the State Council Wednesday.

China urges US to discard Cold-War mentality, ideological bias

China on Thursday urged the United States to discard its Cold-War mentality and ideological bias, and work with China to move forward bilateral relations along the track of coordination, cooperation and stability.

China expands employment channels for college graduates

To secure jobs for new graduates, China has vowed to give priority to their steady employment, redoubling efforts to enhance employment services and expanding job opportunities to help them pull through the difficult times.

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Rising cases mean second American lockdown

The irresponsibility of businesses, like bars and gyms, that insist on staying open despite soaring rates of COVID-19 beggars belief. Stronger government leadership is needed without doubt.


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