China invites Chang'e-8 lunar probe mission global collaboration

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) is offering opportunities for international cooperation on payloads that will piggyback on the country's Chang'e-8 lunar exploration mission, slated for launch around 2028.

Chinese envoy stresses importance of arms embargo on Haitian gangs

​A Chinese envoy on Monday stressed the importance of an arms embargo on Haitian gangs and welcomed the expansion of the arms embargo to include all gangs in Haiti by the UN Security Council in its just adopted Resolution 2699.

Indonesia's first high-speed railway comes into service, heralding new era

At a ceremony on Monday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo declared the start of the HSR's official operation, saying it marked the modernization of Indonesia's transportation mode.

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Why Prachanda's China trip is a win for strategic cooperation

During his recent visit to China, Nepal's prime minister struck a landmark deal to deepen collaboration in a range of economic and connectivity domains.

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