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CPC captures 'big tiger' in anti-graft campaign

The Communist Party of China (CPC) announced on Tuesday an investigation into Zhou Yongkang, the latest and highest ranking "tiger" in the anti-corruption campaign's crosshairs.
Zhou's probe cautions against taking chances with law

Heavy casualties reported in Xinjiang terror attack

Dozens of civilians were killed or injured in a terrorist attack early on Monday morning in Shache County, Kashgar Prefecture, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, local police said.

NSA spying costs US tech companies business

U.S. technology companies have lost and will continue to lose more business to their foreign competitors over the spy activties of the National Security Agency(NSA), the New America Foundation said in a report on Tuesday.

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    Yugur pastures preserve nomadic life

    Despite their small number among China's colossal population, nomadic Yugurs in Gansu Province are preserving their pastures for a sustainable future.

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The pendulum of Sino-US relations

China and the United States appear to be collaborating well, however they are also drifting apart.


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