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Xi says safeguarding Communist governance vital common interest of China, Vietnam

​General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday that it is the most fundamental common strategic interest of China and Vietnam to safeguard the security of their Communist parties' governance and that of their socialist systems.

China ready to mend ties with US on basis of mutual respect: Chinese ambassador

China is sincere in starting a dialogue with the United States to deescalate bilateral tensions on the basis of mutual respect, Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang said on Wednesday.

Southbound channel under Bond Connect launched

The Southbound Trading under China's Bond Connect program was officially launched on Friday, another major measure taken by the country to support development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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In quest of stability

The decision of the U.S., Britain and Australia to enhance defense cooperation by signing the AUKUS pact is another example of U.S. attempts to further project power in the Indo-Pacific region.


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