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China makes breakthrough in quantum communication

Chinese scientists have made another breakthrough in quantum communication, demonstrating long-distance free-space quantum key distribution during daylight.

Professor: China's FDI highly successful

China's approach to foreign investment has been extremely successful and the country has been able to benefit from FDI probably more than any other country in the last 35 years.

Green multi-purpose bins hit Beijing

Beijing works on building a green city with the introduction of unbelievably smart dustbins!

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    Military blockbusters to mark PLA's founding

    Two rival domestic hardline military films are leading the battle to revive the lukewarm Chinese film market and mark something even bigger – the Chinese army's 90th anniversary.

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Time to stop US arms sales to Taiwan

The United States is playing a dangerous game by selling arms to Taiwan in violation of commitments made in establishing relations with China.


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HK megastar Andy Lau back to work after severe injury

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is returning to work and ready to promote his new film after suffering from a severe injury necessitating a six-month convalescence.

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