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President Xi meets newly sworn-in Chui Sai On

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Chui Sai On, the fourth chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) who just took office and started a new five-year term Saturday morning.
Xi urges diversified, sustainable development in Macao 
Xi attends Macao's celebration, gov't inauguration
Profile: Chui Sai On

Sino-Thai relations boosted by $10.6b rail deal

Premier Li Keqiang and his Thai counterpart Prayut Chan-o-cha officiated at the signing of a long-anticipated rail deal that had been postponed because of political turbulence in Thailand.

'China Keywords' multi-language platform unveiled in Beijing

"China Keywords," a multi-language platform to analyze and explain essential China expressions was officially released on Dec. 19 in Beijing.

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The dollar may determine global economic recovery

The dollar may determine global economic recovery

Hope for global economic recovery may have to come from the superpower.


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