Third Session
10th National People's Congress and
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Against Exam Fraud

A deputy to the National People's Congress said Saturday China needs to enact an "examination law" to fight fraud in various examinations and ensure fair play in competition by legal means.
Such a law will involve judicial authorities in exam fraud investigation, prevent examiners and examinees from cheating and maintain the dignity, authority and impartiality of the examination system that has been an effective means of selecting and qualifying professionals since ancient times, said Guo Zeshen, president of the Zhanjiang Teachers' College in south China's Guangdong Province.
He said fraud at college entrance examinations and other qualification tests is increasing on and off campus in recent years with the advance of electronic devices, such as cell phones and tiny cameras.
Some even bribe examination officials to get the test paper in advance, he said.
Rampant fraud has dampened individuals' trust in fair play and sometimes hindered ideal candidates from standing out, Guo said in a proposal submitted to the ongoing annual parliament session. "In the long-term, they could lead to a credit crisis in the entire society."
He also gave an outline of the proposed law, including details on how to choose examination officials and keep tests confidential." The law should be applicable to domestic and international exams.
(Xinhua News Agency March 12, 2005)

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