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Premier Wen Jiabao responded to questions from journalists at a press conference held on the sidelines of the annual full session of the national legislature, which concluded Monday in the Great Hall of the People.
Top Legislature Adopts Anti-Secession Law
The 10th National People's Congress adopted the Anti-Secession Law with an overwhelming vote of 2,896 to none at the closing meeting of its Third Session in Beijing Monday, setting up a legal framework to prevent Taiwan's secession from China and to promote peaceful national reunification. This article also carries the full text of the Anti-Secession Law.
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People's Congress Closes Annual Session
China's top legislature concluded its annual session this morning after it adopted a number of work reports and ratified the Anti-Secession Law. It approved new appointments to the state Central Military Commission, including the election of Hu Jintao as its chairman.
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Latest Updates
- 40-year 7% Annual Growth Needed to Meet Well-off Target
- Chinese Lawmakers Lash out at Internet Vices
- Premier: China Never Allows or Fears Foreign Interference
- Premier: China Will Continue to Boost Capital Market
- China to Carry Forward Rural Reform, Development
- Chinese Premier to Visit India Soon
- Premier: China Not to Abolish Death Penalty
- High-level Visits Between China, Japan Urged
- Tung's Contributions to Hong Kong to Be Remembered
- China to Tighten Trade, Economic Ties with Russia
- Premier Vows to 'Fight Nut-cracking Battle' in Reform
- Premier: China Working on Plan for More Flexible Exchange Rate
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In Focus
Anti-Secession Law Harmonious Society Agriculture
- Top Legislature Adopts Anti-Secession Law
- Overseas Chinese, Foreign Media Hail Anti-Secession Law
- CPPCC Endorses Anti-Secession Law: Resolution
- Draft Anti-Secession Law Revised
- Legislation Fully Supported
- Fujian Deputies Discuss Anti-Secession Law
- Enacting Anti-Secession Law a Solemn Mission: Wu
- Anti-Secession Law Conducive to Peace, Stability: FM
- Anti-Secession Law Dispels People's Worries in Taiwan
- China Pursues Peace, But Not at Any Price
- China Clarifies Conditions for Non-peaceful Means to Stop Secession
- Broader Room Given for Cross-Straits Negotiations
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* Advisory Groups Receive Proposal Responses
- 'Beauty Economy' Questioned
- Govt Urged to Finance Rural Teachers' Paychecks
- Legislator Appeals for 12-year Compulsory Education Program
- School Education Should Highlight Safety, Lawmaker
- Deputy Urges Law to Protect Minor Netizens
- Retailing Business Needs Policy Support: NPC Deputy
- NPC Deputy Proposes Law on World Heritage Protection
- Emergency Action Urged to Keep Red Fire Ants off Beijing
- Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Against Exam Fraud
- Local Government Debts Detrimental to State Treasury
- Nation Needs Law to Prevent Cloning Misuse
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Profiles of Deputies and Members
- Progress of Tibet University Praised
- China's Only Female Governor
- Zhang Rongming: Newly Elected CPPCC Vice Chairwoman
- Zhang Meiying: Newly Elected CPPCC Vice Chairwoman
- Zhang in a League of Her Own
- Teacher Has a Lesson for Lawmakers
- NPC Deputy Chi Susheng
- Deputy's Race Against Time
- Tibet Balancing Economy and Ecology
- New Industrialization Ahead for Xinjiang
- China's Growth Mode Should Be Adjusted
- Geneticist Urges Law to Regulate Use of Test-tube Technology
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Bulletin Board
- Invitation of Premier Wen's Press Conference
- Delegation Meetings to Be Open to the Press
- Hainan Delegation Meeting to Be Open to the Press
- Macao Delegation Meeting to Be Open to the Press
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Speeches and Reports
- Report on the Work of the Government
- 11 High-ranking Officials Investigated for Corruption in 2004
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Press Conferences
- Premier: Anti-Secession Law to Advance Cross-Straits Ties
- Farmers' Autonomy to Manage Their Land Never Changes
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Photo Journal
Premier Meets the Press
NPC Session Concludes in Beijing
Deputies Applaud After the Passing of the Anti-secession Law
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