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SIPO: Work Priorities for 2007
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2007 is a key year to complete the formulation of the state IP strategy and speed up the construction of a powerful IP office. The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has arranged its IP work methodically in 10 aspects.

The general requirement for the work of the SIPO is: give full play to intellectual property in enhancing China's self-renovating capacity and core competitiveness, vigorously complete the formulation and commencement of the state intellectual property strategy, cooperate with the legislative department in well revising the Patent Law the third time, and raise the level of IP macro-management and public service. Meanwhile, efforts should be stepped up to set up a patent information retrieval system and a service platform, fulfill the whole year's task of patent application review and approval with both quantity and quality guaranteed. All this aims to boost the IP activity in a fast and proper way.

1) Completion of the formulation of the state intellectual property strategy and start with its implementation. We shall try our utmost to finish the rounding-off work about the state IP strategy. We shall do well with the acceptance and review of results of the 16 special topics on the state IP strategy, and submit the achievements of each special topic to the leading group for review. At the same time, we shall also compete the designing of the outlines for the strategy and make out a report to be submitted to the State Council. On the basis of completion of the state IP strategy, a general train of thoughts on its implementation will be hammered out. While going deep with the publicity on the outline of the strategy, we shall timely come out with the short-term and yearly work plans on the implementation of the state IP strategy.

2) Close cooperation in the third revision of the Patent Law and further improvement of the system of laws and regulations. On the basis of submitting the draft revision to the State Council, we shall actively cooperate with its Legislative Affairs Office in doing well the amendment so as to make it pass the review of the State Council as early as possible. We shall also actively push forward the promulgation and implementation of the Regulations on Patent Commissioning, and go on cooperation with that Office in good coordination with relevant departments so that the Ordinance can be published for enforcement at an early date.

3) Further increase of the IP macro-management, and proper announcement and implementation of the "11th Five-Year" Plan for the Development of IP Activity. To this end, we shall strengthen patent administrative enforcement, continue cooperation with the relevant department in taking special actions to enhance IP protection and guidance to local administrative law-enforcement, study, formulate and carry out an indicator system for the assessment of patent law-enforcement, and continue studying policies with greater effort. At the same time, we shall give more guidance to local IP work, earnestly perform the government's function of public service, and carry out in depth the reform of the examination system for patent agency qualification.

4) We shall complete the task of patent examination, enhance our overall capacity and go further into fundamental issues in patent examination.

5) Faster construction of the patent information service system. With great efforts we shall do well with the construction of important information projects, step up the setup of a patent information retrieval system and a service platform, and improve basic information facilities and the e-administrative platform.

6) Broad IP publicity in earnest. 2007 is the "year of IP culture", therefore, IP publicity should be extended in various aspects at this opportunity. Publicity should aim at different target people in multi-dimensions and at more levels. IP generalization should be conducted among all walks of life in order to increase the awareness of IP protection in the whole society and create a new culture that helps promote independent renovation and own self-renovated intellectual property.

7) Further building up of ranks of cadres and talents.

8) Deeper international cooperation and exchange, and active participation of the formulation of international conventions. We shall first of all participate in cooperation and exchange with the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and continue studying and cooperating with these three regions in the area of intellectual property. We shall also actively involve ourselves in negotiations and discussions on international IP rules, with priority to be placed on thorough study of reform of the international IP system in order to take initiative and have the right of speech on international IP affairs in a more active and responsible approach. In all, we shall try our best to participate the whole process of reforming international IP systems.

9) Continuous building up of our capacity of guaranteeing various conditions and increase of the level of our planning and budget management. Among others, our focus shall be placed on financial management and guarantee for rear service.

10) Further consolidation of the Party construction.


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