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New Party: Cooperation Is Key in Cross-Straits Progress
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"Chinese people both from the mainland and Taiwan should be united and join our hands to strive for prosperity and create a glorious future of the whole Chinese nation," the Taiwan's New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming told China.org.cn during the Third Cross-Straits Economic and Cultural Forum on April 28, 2007.

He called for further collaboration between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China in the future, encouraging Chinese people from both sides of the Straits to work together.

"All Chinese compatriots must remember our history. History is a mirror. People from Taiwan and the mainland have the same ancestors and share the same traditional culture. They all contributed to the current prosperity of the mainland and Taiwan."

The New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming accepts an interview from China.org.cn

He told China.org.cn that the two sides are in the course of a natural progression towards pursuing peace and development.

"We want to make it clear to all Chinese in the world that only when we are united, can we realize peace across the Straits and open up a new stage in the 21st century when we Chinese people feel proud and elated."

He praised the recent developmental progress, saying, "The New Party will spare no efforts to promote political, economic and educational cooperation across the Straits." Last year, the total amount of trade rose to over US$10 million as 70,000 companies and enterprises invested in the mainland.

"People-to-people exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan are booming. At the same time, political talks seem to be left behind. The mainland is very active, but the current local authorities in Taiwan are hostile," he said, adding, "The vicious goal of a minority of politicians is doomed to fail."

The primary theme of his speech delivered at the forum was the cultivation of patriotism among young people on both sides of the Straits.

"What we've been longing for are genuine exchanges and communication. We hope to inspire the younger generation to work harder for the revitalization of the Chinese nation. China's prosperity and revitalization depend on the efforts of a new generation from across the Straits "

Yok pledged that when he returns to Taiwan, he would push the Kuomintang, the People First Party, and the New Party to work closely to promote a cross-Straits peaceful unification. The Chinese New Party was originally formed from a split between the then-ruling Kuomintang by members of the New Kuomintang Alliance in August 1993.

When asked to comment on the decision made by the current authorities to refuse the route of the Beijing Olympic Torch through the island, he told China.org.cn: "The Taiwanese people will never support that (rejection)."

He said that the people of Taiwan felt thrilled at the moment Beijing was selected as the host of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and many are planning to cross the Taiwan Straits next year to watch the Games.

"The Taiwanese people's enthusiasm for the Beijing Olympics will never ebb. It is a glory for all Chinese," Yok said. He believes the participation of people from both the mainland and Taiwan will greatly increase understanding and exchanges across the Straits.

(China.org.cn by staff reporter Wang Ke, April 29, 2007)

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