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Visa and Customs FAQ
- As a Foreigner, How to Apply for a Chinese Visa and What Kind of Visa Should One Apply for?
- How to Apply for a Special Multiple-entry Visitor's Visa?
- What to Pack for My Trip to China?
- When Coming to China, What Should One Be Wary of in Terms of Health and Hygiene?
- How to Export Cultural Relics?
- Could You Tell Me Something About China's Postal Service as Well as Some Useful Telephone Numbers for My Reference Before My First Trip to China?
- What's the Baggage Limitation for Each Foreigner When Coming to China?
- Can One Go in and out of China Freely with a Passport and Chinese Green Card?
- What Is Renminbi (RMB) and How to Change Foreign Currency for RMB in China?
- What is China's Weather Like and When is the Best Time to Visit China?
- How Could a Foreigner with Little or No Knowledge About Chinese Language Get Legal Aid If He/She Happens to Have a Query About Chinese Laws?
Learn to Cook Chinese Dishes
Deep-fried Carrot Shreds
Cut the carrots into fine shreds. Marinate the carrot shreds with salt for 30 minutes. Sprinkle on the dry cornstarch and mix well.
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Life in Pictures
Harbin Ice & Snow World Opened
Christmas in China
Foreign Students Celebrate New Year
Quick Fact About China
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