- Touch of luxury
- Dragon/lion dances
- Lantern Fair at Yu Garden
- New Year flower festival
- Arts temple fair
- What's up, pussy cat?
- Awesome hi-tech sculpture
- Rat fish display
- Flying across the snow
- Old operas and young hearts
- Retreat offers joy to power of ten
- Roller coaster brings nosedive
- Towering attraction to give visitors the ride of their life

Printed ethinic things
Jo ma Arts
Silk Street Market
Beijing fakes market gets own brand
Hutong shop
A hutong shop

Berry Garden
All in one
15 bar
Fill the void
Cheap drinks
For bargain hunters

Touch of luxury
Raffles City
Dragon/lion dances
King Mouse lantern
Lantern Fair at Yu Garden
Nianhua Dumplings Lion Dance
Red Packets Walking on Stilts
Related Festivals
Laba Festival Little New Year 
Lunar New Year's Eve Lantern Festival